Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 99#, 26 September 2010

1# Went with aapa, bhaiya, Fiza, Faris, Raheema and the new gal, Nisha, to “Rose Valley Resort”. It’s beautiful. The place has lovely cottages, a swimming pool with a lovely shade of blue (sorry, but don’t ask me the name of the shade of blue… I’m shade blind!), a temple, lots of jungle (not that our Islands have much besides the jungle and the sea) and of course the restaurant and the bar. Bhaiya, Fiza and Faris went into the pool. There was another couple with their tiny baby daughter, Diya- they had a U.P. number plate on their car, probably in the Defence. The food was not exactly nice. I had Rotis, daal, dum aaloo, fish fry (coz’ I couldn’t have chicken (coz’ for some strange reason I believed it was jhatka)), salad, gulaab jamun and lots and lots of water. And ya, before the lunch, we had French fries and cheese balls with salted lassi (no, we didn’t order for the salted one! We wanted it sweet…later they added sugar, which, as it turned out, was fake). And ya, while in the pool, all that Faris could think bout was ‘crocodile’ and ‘saap’ :/ BTW, just before entering the Resort, I noted a board saying “CROCODILE INHABITED AREA” :) that was another ‘first-timer’ for me! :D and Fiza has got aphthous ulcers and my angel couldn’t eat much, not that she eats much otherwise, but still… and the guy whom my sister ‘SOOOO TOTALLY!!!’ wants to make her brother-in-law was also there, though I didn’t see him. In any case, he went somewhere which was not the restaurant coz’ WE were in the restaurant.. so obviously it was the bar.. so we know if we should be making him my sister’s brother-in-law! coughcough* Bhaiya is of the opinion that this Mr. doesn’t drink, but, then, bhaiya is an advocate, and a shrewd one at that.. he can actually argue us all into admitting that the moon is a diamond stolen by the aliens and rain water is coca-cola. Plus, :) this guy doesn’t seem like one who wud be wishing to marry a girl who is of the hijab wearing variety. :P

2# I almost got into trouble with bhaiya when I asked him to take Fiza to the toilet :P either he forgot the offence or decided to forgive me for the crime :p

3# Aapa had a dream-come-true moment wen she saw ‘Calcutta Varieties’ open today, a Sunday :) she bought some ESPECIALLY-cheap-and-of-bad-quality nail polishes (which she will discard after using once or twice coz they are.. wel… ESPECIALLY-cheap-and-of-bad-quality!), some hair bands and those kinds of things… I bought an Apricot scrub (coz my beautician a.k.a my aapa told me that walnut isn’t good!) and those kinds of things.

4# I realized (again) that God made Radha (who worked as a governess (kind of!) to Fiza) run away, only so that Raheema may stay. Alhamdulillah for His Ways!

5# When in aapa’s house, I saw Raheema drawing the already drawn curtains some more to try to avoid Fiza from wakin up coz of the light!

6# Saw ‘Knowing’ on Star Movies and realized (again) what a beeeeeaaaauuttiiffuuulll man Nicolas Cage is!

7# Successfully avoided a fight with abbu over whether it ( a certain place I was talkin bout) was Brichgunj or Bidinabad.. Alhumdulillah!!!

8# Finally decided to change the name of my blog….:) … I’ll miss the name “Jalpari- The Mermaid”… but, well…. I guess, too much attachment is too bad… and the only cure of too much attachment, that is, if it could ever be cured, is de-attachment and so inshaAllah I’ll be de-attaching my feelings for my blog name….

Allah hafiz

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