Saturday, 25 September 2010

Moral Science :)

Again, from the 'old stuff' in an 'old shelf', I found my old Moral Science note books.
While most of the old ones were used up to collect pictures for the coming years' note books, my 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th std notebooks are well preserved, Alhamdulillah!

Actually, from 9th std. we had our Principal takin our Moral Science classes... and she had told us to 'preserve' the notebook. And I had continued my 10th in the 9th notebook itself.
Likewise, I used one notebook for 11th and 12th.

Here are pics of a few pages from my notebooks :P

This one was to show how special we are :)

For the Independence Day :-

For this one, we were taken out into the playground and told to look around us and enjoy nature and then choose any one thing of nature and come back after around 15 minutes and draw that one thing. Then, to compare the two things- the one we had drawn to the real one- and realize that our art will never be the same as God's art. :)

This was again bout how special we are. I think most of Moral Science was bout telling us that we are very very special :)
We were told to advertise ourselves.. and this is how I did it :P

And this was another year's work for the Independence Day. We'd to write our 'Vision For India'. Can u see that fluorescent folded paper stuck on the blue background picture on the left?? well!! i had written my vision inside that fluorescent paper---

My Vision For India was-

"I hand over my nation's destiny to my Almighty as i MOTHER to be the 'Golden Bird' yet again, her children to be wise and patriotic, co-operating with the Govt., to think more than just themselves, not to suppress any religion/caste. A small part from each citizen is enough...and lastly..each couple to adopt/sponsor one child..this will do wonders. Amen."

:P :P :P

O.K. And this is the very next page. We had to write the Preamble to the Constitution. I wrote it (again) in a fluorescent yellow paper and stuck that paper over the top of the handkerchief this man is holding, so that it gives the "EFFECT" of being the Preamble of the Common Indian Man :D

Now, the man's handkerchief says "50 Years" (it was taken from an old magazine), and in 2004 August India was celebrating her 57th Year...but... well.... big deal!!!
You rather concentrate on the Common Man with the Preamble :P

:) :)

And just in case you didnt have a period called 'Moral Science'...well...It's a subject for non-Christian students, and also non-Catholic Christian students dealing with- exactly!- the Science of Morality. We have this period in place of Catechism (Catholicism) for the Catholics.

As goes widout saying....I super loveded Moral Science- the class... the text book.. the note book....the fact that we had to cover our notebooks with glass paper of the coloor of our Squads...the teacher (Sister Leela for the last few years).. the everything :))

Allah hafiz

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mark_phen said...

lol!!! pity i dont hav my moral science book.... lukin at urs suddenly wants me 2 hav a luk ovr mine... well i lost dem long bck wen i shifted 2 kolkata... neways.. nice 2 refresh it thru urz.... :)


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