Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Love For Exams!!

Here is a message I sent to someone in mid-July when our batch was basking in the sunshine of our Universities....
Seriously, I hate studies....if it is anything other than History, Geography, English, Hindi and Moral Science :)

I hate exams, i tell you. Today evening ko bakery hai and dinner biryani. Rice alag chicken alag masala alag wala biryani. But at least, biryani. So am waiting for the evening. Breakfast mei puttu tha. I love that food so much, i will serve it in my marriage.

Basically i cant study anymore. I am tired of exams. I want to come home and eat jalebi. Thats it. Full stop.

I feel like dismantling myself. . . At each joint. . . And cleaning each joint with an old tooth brush, like we clean dolls. And each bone. And washing each muscle. . . Fibre by fibre. Then hanging it out to dry. . . And taking my skull and removing the brain and washing it with water and soap. With a nice brush. And wringing my brain to remove all the fluid. . . And cleaning all the sulci. .you know the pits. Ya. Cleaning them with that tooth brush. And dipping it in water and again wringing it . . And doing it again and again. And removing my eyes from the socket and cleaning it and putting it in the freezer to cool it off.

And then when everything wud be fresh and clean. . . Putting it all back up together to make myself one piece again.
i have chest pain today. Since morning. Amuda didnt sleep yesterday. She is behaving like a zombie. Bakery items were also not good. I think my taste buds have atrophied. And the only treatment i can think of is jalebi.

Ya i know its kind of sick if you think bout the procedure. . . . But just imagine dear. . . The end product. . . A whole new you. . . Completely fresh. . . I find that thought very relaxing. . . As if i am sinking in the softest of cushions. . . Cushions made of cotton candy. :) ohhhh. . . Such a beautiful feeling :)


Allah hafiz

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mark_phen said...

guess a whole lot of anatomy workd up der.... lol!!! i know how u feel... i liv wit pple studing dental... dey hav mor or less da same perception... :)


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