Thursday, 23 September 2010

National Geographic : June '85 >> "The Afghan Girl" Cover.

Like the previous post, this is also bout the 'old stuff' I found in an 'old shelf'.
So well, this is a pic of a June 1985 copy of the National Geographic Magazine (The one with the girl, not the one wid the skeleton!).
The cover pic is a very famous pic known as "The Afghan Girl". In fact, tis considered the most recognized pic of the magazine.
The photographer is Steve McCurry.

The photo intrigued ppl so much that the magazine team located the girl out after many years and her pic was published again in the cover in the same pose, this time with a blue headcover.

And here is the pic of the first page of the article for which 'The Afghan Girl' was put on the cover.

Tis based on the Afghan-Soviet War and somehow it reminds me why people (some) blame America for the formation of the Taliban.
Here are the closing 2 paragraphs from the article--

<<"When the Prophet and His Companions used to go to jihad, they carried black flags, because war is not a good thing," he explains. "When we go to jihad today, it's not because we want to fight, but because we are compelled to fight for the sake of Islam, and for the freedom of Afghanistan."
As a heavy dusk deepens over the craggy hills, a muezzin's voice calls the men to prayer, and once again the mujahidin put aside their study of war.The holy warriors, Ishaq among them, spread their pattu on the ground, their weapons before them, and stand and bow and stand again. In the silence I feel their strong and quiet faith, and wish only for a swift and happy end to the struggle forced upon them.

~Debra Denker for National Geographic (June 1985)>>

The 'H' and 'C' of His Companions have been capitalized by me.

Allah hafiz

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