Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dr. Almas Shamim

Assalam alaykum
:) It's been really long since I wrote something here. . . Well, the good news is that I have passed my final mbbs exams. . . Guess what that means? :) that means ki Alhamdulillah I an a doctor now. . . How much of doctori I know is a different matter altogether. :p newaz. . . So, the real thing is that from now on you all are goin to call me doctor :) Oki? :) ha ha :)
hmmm . . My results were out on the 4th of October. And hey, it's been one month now. . . :) wow! So, that day I got a new watch :) I has a happy. It's a Titan Raga.:) I reached Kerala back on the 12th. We had been told that our hs starts from the 15th. Newaz. . . It started from the 20th. That means today is my 16th day as a working as a doctor :) newaz.. . I havent got a room in the hs quarters till now. Am staying at aunty's place. Have vacated St. Joseph's. Got a C7 for my bday :) Alhamdulillah. :) Right now am on my C7. . . And I am having my night casualty. I am in Medicine btw. . In Unit M3. Unit Chief is Dr. Suma . . . She has been lovely ab tak toh. . :) Alhamdulillah. . . The other doctors are. . Dr. Jacob Jayan and Dr. Renemol, she is on leave coz she Got injured in some accident. Our pg is Dr. Suresh. When we had joined, we had Our senior batch with us. With me, in the female ward was Shiyas ikka. . . . Who was absolutely fantastic. . . Ok. . . Now my cel ka battery is low. . . So will end here. . . tc.
Allah hafiz


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Queen said...

congratulations hun, May Allah give you a successful career sorry for being such a stranger!!


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