Sunday, 27 February 2011


Like a crystal that all admire… but no one wants to buy.
Like a show piece that is to be seen by all… not to be held or touched.
And like a wound that all pity over… but no one wants to heal.

Like an old and ugly rag doll- held in the arms, close to the heart.
Like that tattered dress you don’t get tired of wearing.
Like the pillow you cuddle when you go to bed.
Like water… without which you can’t live.
Like the music you need to soothe your soul with.
Like the silence you never failingly need.
Like that one voice you want to hear when your life is spinning out of control.
Like the need which arises from the pit of your stomach.
And like that one thing you want… that only thing you want.

Like that pain which does not ease.
Like that sorrow which does not leave.
And that love which does not cease.

~Almas Shamim


Daniyal Arain said...

The Last Three Lines are amazing. The Rhyme is Good In them. The rest of it is good too but the last three lines pretty much sums it up. Love it <3

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thank you so much daniyal..
i was checking out ur blogs...

ur comments are blocked, i guess...

or is it the good old me not able to find out where the comments section is???

Belated Happy Birthday to you and your little brother..
god bless! :)

Daniyal Arain said...

If you wait a little a comment bar will load. I've disabled the blogger's default form and embed the Disqus form.

And Thank You :D.


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