Monday, 28 March 2011

Electric Love. .

You caught my eyes and I caught yours
That oh-so beautiful morning!
Who knew we'd meet again this way
And again and again my darling.

I waited for that moment right
And then made my move baby.
Now, it's your turn to speak it out.
Dont hesitate .... I'm waiting.

It's time to leave the stress behind,
And let ourselves go crazy.
So, come to me and hold me tight,
With heartbeats that go racing.

Your eyes tell me a million things,
I bet mine too tell stories.
So do not waste a second more,
Let not the passion go fading.

Coz' you are captured in my heart
But tis me the prisoner baby.
Shackle your arms around me now,
In an embrace that sees no ending!

And this shall be our secret pact,
We'll let this flame keep burning.
Every moment- Day and Night . .
Electric Love never ceasing.

~Almas Shamim

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