Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I Miss You

I miss you a lot. I miss you with all my heart but I have to move on - for my own sake. I loved you a lot. I still do. And you will always remain the specialest. But, the fact remains that I am the loathed one. Loathed by you. But, you know? I love myself. So, I have to keep myself going. I have to embrace my own self and wipe my own tears. I have to smile into the mirror and keep myself busy - all so that I may not think of you - coz you have pained me. I'd never thot you could pain me so much. You, such a non-existent part of my life. In any case, you have! So much that each time you breathe, my heart breaks. I miss you. I could go on writing this again and again. You are the reason behind so many of my decisions off late. So many. And trust me I dont like any of the decisions that I've made. . . But I have to coz I have to live. You are not letting me live. Your face- it's fading away from my memory. One part of me is trying to grasp every little shred of that memory and never let go. And another part of me is trying to forget you - your name, your smile, your eyes. . Your everything. Yet another part of me isnt bothered bout memories at all. It just wants you in my life, right here, right now. But then another part of me is wise enough to realize how foolish my wish is. I miss you. I aint able to say anything more. I miss you bad. . . Though I dont really know what is it that I miss.. . . But i miss you newaz. I miss you. You. . . I wish I didnt. But I do. One day I wont. I wish that 'one day' comes soon. As of now, I miss you. And it's making my life very difficult. . . The fact that I miss you so.

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