Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Of all the things told between us, the most important is the good bye. The good bye that had come so often and I had so painstakingly shoved away. The good bye that was so imperative and yet so not needed. You have taught me so much bout myself. You have shaped me actually. So much that now I really cant decide things without goin mad over it. I cant decide things without you. I dont know how to live without you. You are my handicap. You are my disability. I dont know whether to thank you or to hate you for it. I guess I should thank you . So, well. . . Thanks for everything. The good, the bad. All of it. Thanks for being hard, for being soft. For making me cry, for making me laugh. . . . Cry . . . Laugh . . . Cry . . . Laugh . . . Oh! I've cried so much so very much. And I've laughed so much. Pokemon. . . Slippers . . . Rasgulla from Hutbay. . . . Thanks for turning my life upside down. It's a beautiful view from here- watching everything ulta. Really - it looks sexy this way. Thank you for making me the most miserable person on planet Earth. Thank you for your beautiful voice - the one voice which could make everything all right - the one voice which I dont want to hear ever again. Thank you for never laughing at my jokes. Thank you for being the biggest joker ever. Thank you so much. For being my hero. For being my villain. For being my everything. My abbu, my bhaiya, my mummy. . . Thank you for being there for me thru everything- thru my sad times, thru my happy times. And then thank you for leaving me alone. All alone. To mend the mistakes that YOU had made. Thank you So much for screwing up my life. I promise I'll disappear. . . Slowly. . . I'll move so far away that you'd never get to hear of me. . . And I'll never get to hear of you. You will always be in my memory- safe and sound- coz you are the biggest lesson I've learnt in my life. And I dont want to learn this lesson ever again. I dont want your presence in my life even remotely not coz I hate you but coz I loved you so. So much that I wouldnt know how to 'not love' you. . . If you ever came back. So I'll move away, far far away that you may never come back. . . even by mistake. So that I may never get addicted to you again, even by mistake. Goodbye to my childhood. Goodbye to my adolescence. Goodbye to one of the largest chunks of my life.

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