Wednesday, 9 March 2011

This Time Around...

Here I am… falling again
Head over heels ….as I had then.
But, this time around,
It won’t be the same.
I don’t want to lose again in love’s game.
Coz this time around,
I will love but not commit.
I will expect, I will hope, but not admit.
So, this time around,
When my heart beats for you,
Not a word from my lips would give you a clue.
But, this time around,
You’ll still get to know.
My liking for you I’ll definitely show.
Coz’ this time around,
I’m weaker than before.
Even a slight tug will break me for sure.
So, this time around,
I’ll speak only to myself.
My love for you to no one will I confess.
But, this time around,
I’ll love more than ever.
In every single moment, I’ll live a ‘forever’!
Coz’ this time around,
I know what to expect.
A broken heart and tears at the end.
So this time around,
When my heart would bleed,
I wouldn’t go searching for ears that’d heed.
But, this time around,
The pain would be more.
It’d be my third failure in a row.
Coz’ this time around,
Chances are the bleakest of all.
Huh! What can I do? It’s destiny’s call.
So, this time around,
Mine would be a silent love.
No more shouting out to the skies above.
And this time around,
When the end would come,
To know and to feel it, I’d be the only one.
And this time around,
There’s not much I can do.
But relish this moment of being in love with you.

~Almas Shamim

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