Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Dancing on the Edge" by Han Nolan **Quoted**

‘Dancing on the Edge’ by Han Nolan is the story of Miracle, a child who grows up without a mother…. She is brought up by her paternal granny who is a shrink by profession and inculcates into Miracle a deflection towards the Unseen and the Magical. A life lived entirely based upon the significance of particular colours and particular numbers, Miracle is shown to be a child totally incapacitated to deal with ‘life’ normally. A peculiar turn of events, beginning with the ‘melting’ of Miracle’s father, Dave; brings the truth of her life in front of her eyes… the truth that had always been shining bright…. The truth that was being denied by her grandmother…. The truth that Miracle was an unwanted child….
The story deals with an array of human emotions… most importantly, the inner storm of children born out of unwanted teen pregnancies and their struggle to cope up with an ever abusing world… their search for a place where they are needed, loved and accepted… and their fight to survive.

Some of my my fav lines are >>

• Maybe people existed only as long as you were seeing them, only as long as your mind could conjure them up. Maybe I existed only as long as someone was looking at me, or thinking about me. The rest of the time where was I? Who was I?

• Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

• Needing people too much just drove them away. Loving someone did something to their hearts.

• She told me Roy left her for someone who didn’t do things like scratch her boyfriend’s name in her arm. She said he was afraid of the commitment a Roy scar demanded.

• They call that sublimating- when you do something good instead of what you really want to do.

• There’s always light after the dark. You have to get through that dark place to get to it, but it’s there, waiting for you. It’s like riding on a train through a dark tunnel. If you get so scared you jump off in the middle of the ride, then you’re there, in the tunnel, stuck in the dark. You have to ride the train all the way to the end of the ride. There’s the light. It’s waiting for you, Miracle. Don’t jump off in the middle.

• The room was quiet. I hated the silence. All kinds of thought could pop up in that silence. Silence was like the dark, anything could be hiding in it.

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