Monday, 18 April 2011

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Thank you for answering me even before I could ask you the question properly. Thank you. I do not doubt you Allah Paak. I do not doubt your presence. . I do not doubt your words. . You are my best friend. . The bestest. . Coz When everything disappears, you still exist. . . When all go, you still remain . . When everything ceases, you still go on. . Ultimately, you are the only thing i possess. . Ultimately, you are the only thing that possesses me. You are the only thing i am sure of. You are my only one. My very dear Allah Paak, i wish i could sit down beside you and laugh . . Lay my head down on your lap and cry . . And hold your hand and walk . . While you explain to me why you are doing all that you are doing. . . There are people out here who tell that my religion is bad. I do not understand how do they know what my religion is ! They say that they believe in God . . But they dont believe in you . . They separate God and You . . . Arent they, then, who are dividing people? Tell me . . There are also people who say that they believe in You . . But they dont believe in that One which others believe in . . Arent they the ones, then, who are dividing you? I dont understand them Allah Paak. I dont understand what they speak. I do not understand most of the things. Or maybe I understand it all. Lolz . . I just know that you are the god and You are all that is. . . And even when i blaspheme . .i.e. If it is a blasphemy . .i.e. Whatever blasphemy is supposed to mean . . So, even when i blaspheme, i am still proclaiming your Superiority. For some strange reason i believe in a lot of things that you haven told. . For some strange reason, i believe that you have told it all. . . And actually . . I dont want to believe in anything else. My Dearest God! I do not know if I love you . . Coz i dont know what love is . . But i know that i am from you. And You are mine. And You are my creator and i am the created and yet we are one. And we'll hold hands and walk, and You'll tell me why you did all that you did. . . And for some strange reason, i feel your answer would be, 'For no particular reason' . . And for some strange reason I am fine with that. .
Me. :)

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