Thursday, 7 April 2011

Out Of Sight...

Who says what's out of sight is out of mind?
Ask me. . .and I'll tell you the truth inside. .

What's out of sight, flows through your veins. .
It clouds you, shrouds you, your life it pervades. .

It becomes your breath- your in, your out. .
That which you can't live without. .

It becomes a want, a need so deep. .
Within your heart that you cannot keep. .

It becomes your strength, your power, your drive. .
That unseen force which helps you survive. .

It becomes your weakness, your war, your strife. .
That which kills you each moment of your life. .

It becomes the fragrance that blows with the air. .
That which makes you feel Heaven's right there. .

It becomes the beauty hidden in a child's smile. .
Your motivation to go mile after mile. .

It becomes the tear that wets your eyes. .
To clear your vision, to clear your sight. .

It becomes a grief, a pain, a disease. .
A wound that just doesn't stop to bleed. .

So, who says what's out of sight is out of mind?
Trust me. . It's a crescendo that never subsides. . . . .

~ Almas Shamim.

1 comment:

shshshsh said...

I like the poem....its good...infact....when u achieve a goal the sweetness of it is lost with very short time, the enjoyable, reall memorable part of any success the path to it, if u strived to achieve it then the ways u have passed to reach u goal are memories ull cherish more than the acievement, same is the case whn u miss somebody....whn u finally reach to them, sometimes u wish u were away so tht u could feel their need pouring out from ur heart....keep it goin anywayz...


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