Thursday, 12 May 2011

To Begin...

To begin is to open a chest full of treasures unseen, the only problem being the venomous snake that sits guarding the treasures.
And even if I choose to begin, shutting off my eyes to the snake…. The question wud arise as to where shud I begin from?
Coz every moment is a beginning…
Every moment is an end……
It’s like going into the attic of your house after ages….to clean up the clutter…. But not knowing where to start,,,,
Then starting… somewhere… anywhere….
Taking an old cardboard box and opening it to find an old sweater, a torn notebook, a broken vase…
And struggling to stay in the shallow waters of the present…
as waves of memories push you back onto the shore of the past…..
as the wind blows your sail towards the ocean of the future….


At the end of the day, reaching no where…
Finally giving up on trying to get the clutter sorted out…
Finally…. Leaving the attic as it is… and descending down to move on with ur mundane life..
Only adding up more clutter in the attic….

And so I hang somewhere in between….
Knowing not where it started…
Knowing not where it would end…..

Reminds me of the Urdu couplet:

“Hikayat-e-hastee suni toh darmiyaan se suni…
Na ibtida ki khabar hai, na intihaa malum..”

Allah hafiz


mark_phen said...

di... wer r u??? i can c u've deleted your fb accnt.... how vil i read ur updates now???? :( :(

musafir said...

Very Nice , beautiful couplet :-)


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

@ mark
i havent deleted it.. only deactivated for sometime... hopefully, i'll be bak. :)

@ selmi
;-) thanks darling. :P


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