Monday, 6 June 2011

The Biggest Time-Consumer.

I really feel that an average human spends more time with clothes than with anything else….

Be it leafing thru magazines lookin at the super-slim models wearing the super-gorgeous clothes…
Be it window shopping and sighing at all the clothes you wish to buy but can’t coz
a) You can’t afford to buy them.
b) You can’t afford to get into them, being handsomely blessed with Adipose tissue.
c) You don’t wear these kinds of clothes.
d) You are free to write your own reason here….
Be it actually goin into the shops (many many) and selectin out one or two (from many many) clothes that you feel you CAN afford and you CAN fit into.
Be it tryin them on (a million times over) for yourself and tryin them on (another million times over) for your elder sister (if you have one).
Be it foldin them properly (after unfoldin coz u don’t like the way ur mummy folds it) and keepin them inside ur cupboard (or wherever u keep ur clothes)
Be it goin to the tailor and explainin the tailor in at least two different ways how u want it to be stitched(in case it is not readymade( and in two different ways coz The Tailors Association has passed a law that they shud never understand instructions the first time))
Be it choosing which one to wear each morning (and don’t forget that each day has a morning…. I mean one morning per date in the calendar!!!!(and also don’t forget that there can be evenings with parties and stuff!!))
Be it finally getting out of ur laziness to iron them (if they need ironing (Seriously!!!! Whoever started this custom of wearing wrinkle free clothes!!!!! Must have been the most jobless person of his times…)).
Be it finally ironing them.
Be it wearing them…
Be it discovering some glitch while wearin them (for unimaginative minds, I explain- glitches could be a missing hook, a stuck zipper, a small blotch of ink and the likes!!)
Be it the time taken to get rid of the glitch.
Be it the conversations that ensue regarding those clothes…(misaal ke taur par- “Ohhhhh!!!! Almas!!! Nice churidar… from where?” … “Which material?”….. “Don’t you feel hot wearing it?”…… “R**** too has a similar one!”….. “I had gone to the same shop, I didn’t see it!!!!” (ya!!I wear lenses!!! I can see twice as much as you see *rolling eyes*)and the likes!!!)
Be it returning and peeling them off.
Be it washing them.
Be it takin them out to hang on the clothesline to dry…
Be it goin out the next day to take them from the clothesline.
Be it rewashing them coz the crow has mistook it for his toilet.
Be it re-drying them (this time under the fan, inside the room (you see… doodh ki jail billi chaanchh bhi phoonkh phoonkh ke peeti hain))
Be it foldin them (again!!) and keepin them in place….

Be it anything…. An average human spends more time with clothes than anything else. I bet!!

At least, if ‘I” am to be considered an average human….
Allah hafiz


Mezaan said...

I loved your article at Two Circles today. You hit the nail on its head. But what surprised me was that in your blog you use "Allah Hafiz". Kind of strange after you had presented a good case.

Good work. Keep Writing :)

Allah Hafiz

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Thanks a lot :)
actually it's a very old article . . And i have been using 'Allah hafiz' since before i wrote that article. . . Plus in the original one (it was edited for Two Circles) i have also mentioned this same thing. . . That i use 'Khuda hafiz' even daily life but 'Allah hafiz' in my blogs. . .
But, that's the whole point. . Allah and Khuda. . . One and the same. :)


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