Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blessings Delayed 2...


Immediately after I finished writing my previous post, I logged on to the net to search something and found, coincidently, that an article I’d written long ago has been published at………
Wen I had written that article, I had definitely not written it with the aim of getting it published somewhere…. But now, after the ‘Delay’…. In it being published…. I do consider it a blessing.
I am happy indeed.
Again, I do not know if I’d have felt happier had it been published back in my final year…..
I do not know if it being published now is better in any way…
But just like I wrote at the end of my last post….. the words, soon after writing which I found my article published….
“Allahu Aalim”
Maybe, after all, it was good that the blind man got his vision after he lost his son and wife. Maybe, he would have been depressed by his son’s lifestyle, had he seen it. Maybe, he would have liked some other woman’s smile more than his own wife’s smile, if he could see…. And that would have taken away the peaceful life that he lived………….
Just a maybe…..
I do not know.
This is just a human mind trying to find the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that have been strewn across the Universe…. Pieces that are so apparent yet so invisible to our eyes……..our eyes- blinded by all else that we see….
Just a conjecture ………….
Coz….That’s all I can do
Allahu Aalim


Babubhai said...

Awesome awesome awesome every singel word in this blog seems like a golden word a spritual language I became a big fan of yours Hatts off to you mohtarma May allah Bless you.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Thank you so much :)
Am glad that you liked it :)


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