Monday, 6 June 2011

The Them and The Us

We are only ourselves . . We can be no one else and no one can be us. They can try and imitate a part of us. . They cant be US. .
The heart . . The soul. . The mind. . .

Each person we meet is someone we'll never meet again. Similar people? Yes . . Same? Never.

People may start dressing like us. . Speaking like us. . Writing like us. . Similar poems . . Similar stories . . They may start competing with us in being us. . .
Yet. . . What remains is the fact that they are not us. . . Our courage is not their courage. Their wisdom is not our wisdom. They are not us. And we are not them.

Coz it is every aspect of us put together . . . That makes us the 'us' that we are.

Outsiders may like them for their speech. . . When they speak like us. . . . But for people who matter. . . It is only when we say it in the way we say it at the time we say it. . . The exact pitch of the voice. . . The exact expression on the face. . . The exact thing we said before it. . . And the exact thing that they know we'll say after it. . . . Is Wat will make them listen to us. . . . And no matter how many others say the very same thing. . . . They'll listen to US and US alone. . . Coz they know the 'us' that we are. . . .
We are not them. They are not us. Tis not bout us being better than them. . . Or them being better than us. . . Tis just that they and we are different.
Coz cloning is for man.
God, on the other hand, has enuf time in his hands, enuf resources, enuf creativity . . . to make each of his creations unique.
And . . . Well. . . . Sau baat ki ek baat bolni ho toh. . .
Na aap hum ban sakte hai. Na hum aap.

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