Monday, 6 June 2011

Urdu... again

When we were in 8th std., our English teacher, Mrs. Gayatri, suggested us to write down all ‘new’ words in a note book along with their meanings….. an attempt to increase our vocabulary.
I followed it for around two years and then dropped it….(the habit, not the note book.. the note book is right here front of me… now, when am an HS)… but, off late, I have been thinking of startin it again….. coz’ there must be few books in this world more beautiful than dictionaries…
I mean .. ya! It does sound quite a sod of a thing to say.. but haven’t you ever found it difficult to keep a dictionary down.. once you get it to look up the meaning of some odd word….
Don’t you enjoy reading the ‘phonetics’?
Well…. I do…
So off late I have been thinking of continuing my long left hobby of writing down ‘new’ words…. In fact, being very truthful…. I even enjoy reading the meaning of words whose meanings I already know….
Let’s take, for e.g., ‘ENJOY’….. if you ask me to define this word.. I wouldn’t be able to….. and then if I look it up in a dictionary, it would crack me up just reading the ‘meaning’ of a word that we so commonly use….

Now, the thing is that…..
If we can use this ‘new-word-technique’ for English… we can use it for any other language too…
And I think I should start with my Urdu-new-words notebook too… I already told….
Urdu is just so so so very awesome a language……..
If God were to be a language………… He would be Urdu………
Mostest definiteliestly.

Allah hafiz

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