Thursday, 28 July 2011

To look for myself

Assalam alaykum
Certain things are simply inevitable side effects of being a Sagg, I guess.
One of them is the ceaseless search……
Here I am once again, going thru an emotional or rather spiritual turmoil. And I do not even know how to describe my issues in normal English words. .. even Urdu words, for that matter.
Once again, a small occurrence has made me wonder if I am among the people I should be with… or am I being the person I should be, in the first place.
There are people around who are just in the moment, for the moment, and they very well shud be. But, the question is “Why am ‘I’ in THAT moment with THEM?”
There are so many more things in my life that concern me in their entirety and yet I aint botherin bout those things! I mean, I am seriously insane.
I think with Ramzaan just 3 days away, I can make it a point to improve myself now… in any way possible…
I feel so crap!
Sometime back, a certain guy told me a certain thing which really does make sense.

He told, “Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?”
And I asked him what he meant by it.
He replied, “That I’ll explain later, I want you to look for yourself first.”

And yaqeenan… if there’s something I need to do rite now is khud ko dhondhna….
Agar khud ko dhoondhle toh sab kuchh khud ba khud mil jaye.

Allah hafiz

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