Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Today I ask you to bless us all. But, to especially bless the people who are sad.
I ask you to bless the chronically ill patients, for whom Eid might be nothing more than just another day of pain.
I ask you to bless those who have been spending time in the various casualties last night and today and all those who are destined to be brought to the casualties today. They had not expected their Eid to turn out to be like this.
I ask you to bless all those who’ve had their flights/trains cancelled and will nnot be able to spend their Eid where they had planned to.
I ask you to bless those who are away from home and will be celebrating their first Eid alone, be it for studies or for work. The first Eid away from home is difficult.
I ask you to bless the Muslim prisoners who are alone today, whether or not they have committed a crime. Coz we all make mistakes.
I ask you to bless the Muslim prisoners who have been charged of terrorist acts they didn’t carry out. Their only fault is that they are Muslims.
I ask you to bless every person facing persecution and inequality today coz they believe in you.
I ask you to bless the poor for whom there might be no food today just as there had been no food yesterday.
I ask you to bless those who strove for you in the past one month so that they may continue the struggle throughout.
I ask you to bless those who were not fasting, that they may find you and your love.
I ask you to bless those Muslims who were fasting even though their work involved manual labour coz they have shown the greatest faith in your word.
I ask you to bless those who were fasting while working at restaurants and dhabas, coz they have shown so much of self control.
I ask you to bless the ladies who have silently woken up while everyone else slept, so that they may prepare hot and fresh sehri for the family.
I ask you to bless the people who have distributed free iftar for the wayfarers, they have quenched the thirst in your name.
I ask you to bless those who are hungry, not in your name, but coz the food supplies are cut off coz of wars and political reasons.
I ask you to bless the bad that they may become good and the good, that they may become better coz there is no limit to how much we can improve.
I ask you to bless them who are searching for you that they may succeed in their search.
I ask you to bless them who have lost you that they may realize what they have lost.
I ask you to bless them who have found you coz who says you cant be found?
I ask you to bless those with broken relations that they may reunite for the sake of today, by the blessing of today.
I ask you to bless the little children who are excited about collecting eidy today, that they may collect loads of eidy ….
I ask you to bless the little children who will not be given eidy coz they either don’t have anyone to give them eidy or they don’t have anything to be given as eidy.
I ask you to bless the orphans, they are the duty that we shirk away.
I ask you to bless every sad, lonely and troubled person, that he may receive the joy of your heart.
And I finally ask you to bless us- my family and me, that we may realize how lucky we are. Whether lonely, whether sick, whether sad… we are so much better off than so many of our brothers and sisters. Bless us with senses that can really see, hear and feel. Bless us with limbs that can act and lips that can speak. Bless us with a heart that houses your love and a forehead that bends down to no one but you.
This Eid and forever, my Maalik, bless us with the best of your blessings.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The I and The We.

                                                   And when I couldn’t stand alone
                                                              I gathered a We around .
                                                   And when We won all wars that mattered
                                                              I returned to claim the battleground.
                                                   And I to We and We to I
                                                              In one life were plentifully found.
                                                   And yet as a final victor
                                                              Neither I nor We could abound.


                                                                  ~Almas Kiran Shamim

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blog Makeover :)

Assalam alaykum
My blog has got a makeover… and I has a big happy :D Alhamdulillah
I had to work real hard with that mermaid background you see at the back….. I don’t exactly remember where I got the pic from, but I think it’s pretty cool. And yet, I could never use it coz’ blogger never allowed me to. Newaz… finally it’s up :)

Since I’ve been so ‘off’ blogs in the past one year or so, I do not really have any favourite blogs anymore… :( some of the blogs that I’d been following have been privatized, some others have been closed down or are simply dead.. : ( so, am in the lookout for good blogs… good blogs that make me happy and give me some food for thought (not that my thought process is starving…’s overflowing actually, but certain things are simply better when in excess :p)
I’ve also noticed that certain blogs I follow are not sending feeds, I don’t know how …. But they have been as functional as ever… so I guess, I’ll have to go to each of the blogs in my list and check whether I need to continue following it or not! That gives me a big work at hand! Lol!
I’m also confused regardin whether or not to keep a blog list as a side widget….. it would be handy to access the various blogs I follow but would mean extra loading time on my mobile…. :(
Well… let’s see how it goes!
Have a lovely day….
Allah hafiz.

Alhamdulillah :)

This is simply to say Alhamdulillah that my net is working again...
I wrote a simple post about my blog's makeover and when I tried posting it I realized that Nokia Ovi Suite wouldn't connect...:( I connect to the internet on my lap using my cel.. and that meant just when I had decided to blog more frequently, my luck was letting me down.
I felt like the unluckiest person on Earth.. :(

But, then I thot that prolly God just wants me to study rite now... brushing up my basics and preparing for the post grad and stuff and hence He doesn't want me to be blogging! But, still.. I was sad and was goin around asking ppl how to manage this problem... but, everyone seemed to be talking in Latin!
newaz... I went to my room to get my lap so that I cud show someone and get help..only to see that my roomie's shoes were outside the door (we don't use shoes inside our room), so I called out to her to open the door but noticed that it was open already... she was actually taking bath and never forgets to lock the door whenever she enters the bathroom.. but, this time she forgot! and I was happy as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to enter the room. lol! It sounds a very silly thing.. but I suddenly felt that God isn't all that tight on me... I felt 'lucky' and so I thot I wud write a post bout this ...
and newaz...
The net problem got fixed.
so, Alhamdulillah!

Friday, 19 August 2011

On Why I am Against the Lokpal... Part 2

Next, bout our politicians and junta
The Indian junta is one excessively obsessed over its politicians.
For some reason, the junta believes that the best way to do wrong and escape is to blame it on the politicians.
I tried to search for the total number of politicians in India, no proper results popped up. Though, one site mentioned an average of 3 crore politicians. Let us go with ‘5’. Saying that 5 crore politicians are responsible for the downfall of 95 crore of hareeshchandra junta is a bit of an overstatement I guess.
Shame on us 95 crores if we believe that our country is run by those 5 crores!!!

I believe that only the most corrupt of people will blame the politicians to be corrupt, coz tell me the ppl who refuse to pass files in the govt offices- are they politicians??? Are they even officers???? They are the clerks!!!
Bribery and corruption is present at every single level in India….. from the top to the bottom.
In such a scenario, if anybody turns a blind eye to the problem at the base and simply asks for justice by punishing the hot shot politicians, is either a jealous pig in that he himself has not been able to loot the country as much as these ministers could, or is a corrupt bastard who wants to shift the frame of concern from himself, his family members, his friends, his neighbourhood, his office, his school, his gym and every other place associated with him- the common man-which is corrupt, and which can be sorted out relatively in an easier way to the Prime Minister and his office, the politicians and others… who are, if corrupt, only as corrupt as himself.
The only difference being, Bigger power, bigger scams, bigger money.

These are the people who blame the politicians for price hike, for India’s poverty, lack of education, lack of sanitation, unemployment etc etc etc….

These are the people who didn’t pay attention during their classes at school and thus do not know that fossil fuels have been created over millions of years and the prices will only INCREASE as time passes because we r using more than what is being created. These are the people who would blame the ministers to be moving around in limos, but the moment they themselves get a chance to buy one, wouldn’t hesitate to.
These are the people who say stuff like “Hindustan mei kitne gareeb hai aur falana falana ko dekho Swiss bank mei kitnaaaa paisa bhar ke rakha hai”, when they themselves have accounts in SBI and AXIS and others which are they desperately trying to fill to brim, not caring about the same Hindustan ka same gareebi. Yes, the scales are different…. That means, they are not actually bothered about Hindustan but kisi dusre ke paas zyada paisa dekhke inke seene mei saanp lot-tha hai.

These are the people who are very bothered about the transparency in a politician’s salary when they themselves will not leave any stone unturned to increases their ‘sources’.
These are the people who throw garbage on the strrets and sit in front of the tv, look at a documentary on the pollution in India and say “kya karta hai sarkar, pata nahi..bas apne jeb bharne mei hai”

These are the people who are leeches and do not want to take any responsibility for the land they call their country…. Who want to teach their children crap, telling them that the bribery we see in local offices is fine coz the machinery consists of your chacha and your bada bhaiyya and your daadi…. But then we will have to hold someone responsible right, toh beta politicians hai na!!!! blame them!!! And in your ‘political orientation’ in social networking sites write ‘bullshit’. The most diplomatic answer somehow giving the appearance of you being so ethical that you cannot tolerate the deviation from ethics shown by the politicians….but of course, jab election aaega, you should go and vote for one of those people whom you have called bullshit.

These are the ppl who blame the govt when a bridge falls…. Saying that the govt chose the wrong ppl to make the bridge so that they could make money…..turning a blind eye to the fact that these contractors rise from among us.

These ppl blame the politicians for the failure of national programs, not accepting the fact that national programs can only be MADE by them .. they have to be IMPLEMENTED by us.

These ppl… made of you and me… the Indians… are the ppl who are corrupt and are always keen in pointing at the politicians coz it shifts the frame of blame from the rotting roots that is us.

When we behave like this, we can continue with our misdeeds easily coz the world is busy blaming the TOP FEW CORRUPT FRUITS in the tree whose ROOTS are rotten too.

This reminds me of the time when Dr. Kalam had visited our islands after the Tsunami, and had told that it’s not aids which is lacking, it’s the sincerity of the ppl….
The ppl… you and me…

This also reminds me of a certain girl who was very opposed to the OBC reservation (as I too was)… and was vomiting out shit at the congress govt (she herself being a BJP supporter) at wat a corrupt party it is, wat a corrupt govt and the likes….. and when she herself had to apply for PG Entrance examinations, had softly told me that she too had made an OBC certificate for herself coz her caste is under OBC and why should she miss the chance????

THIS is us.
We, the people of India!!!!

We, the people of India, who offered a Lokpal….. and had a substantial portion of our demands met, and still we want more… to include the PM, coz maybe.. we are only delaying the process….. coz not everybody will be India’s PM, but a lot will be police and govt officials who can be targeted under this.. so rather stick on to a very very high demand… a demand that the govt wouldn’t agree to, and again we, the people of india can relish over the insincerity of our politicians and say ki “OH!!!! The politicians didn’t let it happen, warna ab tak toh corruption gayab tha!”

If we, the people of india, Really want to remove corruption, why not start with ourselves??? Why not accept the draft…. Ek PM kitna chori karega???? Us ek PM ko chori karne se rukane ke liye kitne saaro ka chori rokne se inkaar kar rahe hai???....wah!


This also reminds me of how nothing can be successful until WE act….. Dowry is a punishable offence, and yet come down to Kerala and have a look- the model state of India… come and see the presence or rather the dominance of Dowry in the most literate part of India….
Uske baad, should we blame the govt for not being able to eradicate social evils???
Or should we blame ourselves?
There is also a group of Keralite Muslims who have placed small plaques in front of their houses saying that ‘invitations to marriages where dowry is being taken or given, will not be accepted’… while this is done more so on religious grounds, wat I mean is that we need to correct ourselves before blaming the world.

Long ago, in the site, to a certain post I had written a comment saying that if we do good and act right in our own selves, the country will definitely improve. And another person had motivated me a lot by saying that all I would be doing is creating a small white dot in a black world. And that nothing can happen until a ‘revolution’ takes place.
These are the ppl who wait for someone to come and wipe out their sins but do not believe in stopping the sin themselves.

Bout me being a congress supporter, I very well am. But more than that am a govt supporter. I support my country, and wen Vajpayee was the PM, he was my best man on earth.
Whatever, yes! I am very much a congress bhakt. Just like there’ll be BJP bhakts and Communist bhakts.
We are so coz we believe in them more than others… and ppl are different.
But in this situation, I seriously do believe that the Lokpal will not be of much use to us, would be detrimental, in fact.

And the ppl posting abuses on Sonia and Manmohan.. well.. they amuse me to bits… as if… any other PM from any other party wudnt have opposed! and as if, Manmohan is goin to be the PM forever…… lol!!! Ppl who are opposing Lokpal and theinclusion of the PM are doing so, not coz they want to preserve Manmohan, but coz they want to preserve the power and dignity of the office of the PRIME minister of the State.

Aur waise bhi we are the same pl who had treated Ganguly like a king ek waqt mein and while he was leaving, we had filled up the internet with Ganguly Jokes… what a grt farewell we had given him.

So, finally I say that I am against the Lokpal coz I believe that the issue at hand is correcting the PEOPLE of India, our attitudes and way of life, the politicians will fall in place by themselves coz INDIA is made up of us and run by us- the Junta, NOT them- the politicians. Even so, if we need a Lokpal, it should NO NOT NEVER be an autonomous body coz that would be a tragedy for my country, might lead to India’s collapse, making us an underdeveloped country rather than a superpower. Take responsibility for the corruption rather than shoving away the blame.

Over and out!

On Why I am Against the Lokpal.

This is going to be one long rant. And it’s coz I didn’t write short rants on this topic like most of my facebook friends have. So, you may choose to skip reading this or read it at your own risk.
This entire post will basically be divided into 2 parts.

1. Why I believe that the Jan LokPal Bill should not be implemented.

2. What I think bout Indian politics and politicians (and consequently the Indian Junta)

So, why do I believe that the Jan LokPal Billl should not be implemented?
At this point, I would like to say that I really hope that ALL the people who are soooo in support of this Bill have actually adorned their minds with at least some knowledge of what this bill actually is rather than just going with the flow and looking at the outer alluring cover called “Anti-Corruption Law”. So, assuming we all know at least ‘something’ about this Bill, I continue.
Put in a short and simple way, I am totally and totally and totally AGAINST the creation of an autonomous judiciary body, beyond the existing judiciary system. The Jan Lokpal Bill (if ever a Law) would constitute a law body that would deal with corruption charges in the local setup moving on to higher levels, and settle the cases within a given period of time. And any official belonging to this system of law found corrupt himself will be dismissed. The chances of corrupt members in this body will, however, be low coz the process of selection of members will be “Transparent” (*cough*cough*).
Now, the problem that “I” find in this setup is

1. the autonomous nature of this judiciary body.

THIS autonomous existence is itself a threat to the nation. It’s almost like ‘who will guard the guardians?’. We are actually creating an institution NOT CONTROLLED BY ANY AUTHORITY under the pretext of saying that it will be controlled by “Us”. We (currently) are going on rallies and stuff for the inclusion of the PM too.. in short, we are reducing the status of the ‘Prime Minister’ (plz note that Prime Minister comprises of two words- “PRIME” and “MINISTER”) of India to be UNDER the Lokpal. Thus, clearly the Lokpal is being made the “Prime- Primer-Primest Minister” of India. And not just the PM, but even the Judiciary system existing in India comes directly under the ‘Guardianship’ of the Lokpal. The Lokpal has the power to go on a case against almost anybody in India and the case will be decided upon in 2 yrs max, all punishments being implemented by the Lokpal itself. The Lokpal members, however, are not answerable to anybody but themselves……

Being clearly above the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary systems existing in India, the Lokpal is being given the power to “COUP” the Indian governance.

Until now, the government, even if corrupt, was just a ‘government’ voted by “Us”. This govt had powers, but never more than “Us” coz after every 5 years we could bring it down. Under this govt. we are “Free” and India is a “Democracy”. The very proof of our being “Free” and India being a “Democracy” is the huge opposition that we are putting up against every move of the govt.
Under the Lokpal, which theoretically sounds all perfect, a single drop of corruption can lead to a complete breakdown of democracy, because this governing body has been given ABSOLUTE power. For that matter, even ‘corruption’ would not be needed, just some stubborn headed ppl would be enough to bring about their own set of laws into the country.
Coz anybody and everybody opposing this ‘stubborn headed’ group of ppl will be labeled corrupt and sent to prison.
It’s almost like a “Reverse Emergency”.

2. The selection of members wud be “TRANSPARENT”.

Let us not forget that India already has a judiciary system which, if not elected directly by us, is actually through us; and there’s no guarantee that if one judiciary sys has failed (according to those who are so hell bent in bringing in the Lokpal), another will not. Also, the so-called bad politicians from whom we are trying to save our country are also our own representatives. WE are the ppl who’ve voted for them and brought them to power. And today if we feel that our country is in the wrong hands, I wonder whom should we blame for it but ourselves. And if the “WE” can go wrong in choosing our leaders (which, apparently, has been going ever since India became free), how are we sure that the same “WE” will not go wrong in choosing the members of this local law body??

Besides, every individual is different and has his own thought process. Vesting complete power in the hands of a few people (however clean they appear) can never be good for a democracy.
Coz, in general, power makes ppl blind.
Even otherwise, what makes you believe that ppl, normal ppl like you and me cannot be ‘influenced’? every member of the Lokpal can as much be influenced by ‘elements’ in the society as ppl have been from time immemorial. There is always chance of ‘chain- influences’ and just in case a few members within the Lokpal are ‘influenced’ by each other , any no. of govt officials can be imprisoned without any questions from anybody, if they are displeasing to this group of lokpal members ‘influenced’ against that officer.

3. Who will BE the body?

Trust me, when the time comes for the ‘formation’ of the body, the same ‘you’ and the same ‘me’ will forget all our ‘Anti-Corruption Vows’ and vote to power the ppl who would suit ‘US’ the best. This process of choosing ‘who’ to be given ABSOLUTE POWER would itself lead to Civil Wars in India, because we are so heavenly blessed with diversity.

The entire process would take up longer than Indians took to gain independence from the Raj. (*exaggeration*coz some ppl don’t get it)

4. The first clean-ups

The first clean-ups would have to be done of the ppl who ‘interfered’ in the formation of this body--- coz a lot of corruption wud happen just in the process of ‘forming’ it. Next, ppl would clean up the present ministers… almost all will be imprisoned (this being told in the ASSUMPTION that this new system remains clean enuf to actually DO wat is being proposed now)then???? Who governs india???? :) :) :) who but the Lokpal? Jai Lokpal! Jai Lokpal! :) and then the Lokpal becomes exactly what we have now…… we end where we started.

5. The misuse of power

Maybe we are not realizing this, but the misuse potency of such a HUGE amount of power is equally HUGE. The Lokpal gives the common public the right to lodge cases against bureaucrats directly. You or me or anybody can thus question any officer we don’t like, probably someone who hadn’t agreed to cancel our transfer orders, or not given us some kind of ‘benefit’ sometime. If that person is a ‘good’ person, most definitely he wouldn’t be able to ‘create’ evidence in his favour…. Ending up in jail. This process of ‘jailing’ would only be hastened if the person who had lodged the complaint is in any ‘influencing’ position towards any member of the ‘lokpal’.
This is just a loser example. Of course, any sane mind can think of bigger and much much more destructive misuse that can occur.

6. Self-absorbed

And by creating this Body, which will undoubtedly be the most POWERFUL body in India (with ‘coup- ing’ powers, like I told) we are vesting all the power of our country in the hands of a group of ppl who would be busy punishing Indian officers at the complaints made by bitter Indians and making videos of their own selection processes and the Indian ppl too, being the politician-obsessed ppl that we are, will be glued to television watching the television as IAS and IPS officers are taken to the prisons. That would be ALL that we’d do.

7. Anarchy

Believing that the power rests in our hands (as if it does not already!), we would be pin pointing at almost all the officers (as mentioned in point 5.) and this would mean that at any given time the Almighty Lokpal will have its hands full. It would be too great a task and too big a promise to fulfill…. The cases that really need to be dealt with might not be dealt with … the misuse of power will be rampant.. coz everyone.. EVERYONE will have the position to question authority…. The authority, the bureaucrats, whether bad or really good would be scared of even writing their names on paper coz anybody can raise charges against them…
(and it wudnt be difficult to convict him coz there’ll always be ppl to speak against him- remember someone’s freedom fighter is someone else’s terrorist)
Ppl would choose to be in private sector and make money rather than giving a shit to become IAS and IPS. Again the ppl wouldn’t be happy and again there would be rallies and facebook status updates saying what an awful power rules us…. But by that time, the Almighty Lokpal would have become too Almighty to give a shit to wat you and I would say. There wud ultimately be no one ruling anyone, no one considering anyone a ruler, and no one to turn to, to bring a final order in the country. The country, God forbid, would collapse.

We have a neighbor where there have been so many coups just because the distribution of power is such. I am not sure if I want any power to exist in my own country that can call for a coup…… ‘coups’, however good they seem for the time being, are always despotic in the long run. be continued...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Kaise is jahaan se gaafil khamoshi hai?
Dhundho toh shor mein bhi khamoshi hai.
Har do lafzon ke darmiyaan khamoshi hai
Tumhare labon pe ruki woh baat khamoshi hai….

Har veeran basti ka manzar khamoshi hai
Har aabad gali ki raunaq khamoshi hai.
Har shaad mei jhoomti khamoshi hai
Har tute dil se goonjti khamoshi hai.

Har chaal, har dhaal mei khamoshi hai
Har soch, har ehsaas mein khamoshi hai.
Har jalti tadap mei khamoshi hai
Har sarahti nigaah mei khamoshi hai.

Tumhari manzil bhi khamoshi hai
Tumhari humsafar bhi khamoshi hai.
Gaafil tum usse ho jao magar
Tumse kabhi na gaafil khamoshi hai.

~Almas Kiran Shamim

Monday, 8 August 2011


Knowingly, unknowingly
I am looking for you.

I stop at every face
Craving for those same eyes
To shine back.
I pause at every greeting
Yearning for that same voice
To resonate.

But how can you be in all?
And how can any be you?
If that could be, would you still be you?
Would there be a waiting?
Would there be a search?
Would there be a desire,
For the you that is you?

And I have turned into
One of those wispy clouds
Choosy of the place
It wants to descend upon;
Floating over oceans, lands and streams;
Whether really water, whether really air
Waiting for that perfect place
To turn to Rain,
And become One with the Earth.

~Almas Kiran Shamim

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Teddy Bear

Apne chhote se teddy bear ke saath baithi thi woh…. Uske kaano ko apne hathon se daabe, ki jaise woh nahi chahti thi ki woh kucchh bhi sune ……jabki who khhud sab sun rahi thi.

[girl sitting cross legged on the bed…. With her soft teddy bear on her lap, her hands pressed against the teddy’s ears. She is biting her lips, staring down at the bed….shutting her eyes tight… opening them and staring again.]

[sound of a glass crashing and voices shouting..]

He: tumko ab main kaise samjhau? Kaise main. Kya bolu main..kya matlab.. kaise..aakhir….
She: nahiiiii Sahil…. Bas.. kuchh samjhane ko nahi hai.
He: kya?
She: zahir hai na sab kuchh toh….
He: kitttnaa shak karogi mujhpe yaar? Kitna, batao?
She: dekho… shak??? … listen now,…. We’ve had this lots of times before….
He: exactly, wahi keh raha hu main…. We’ve had this lots of times pehle bhi aur aakhir mei tumhare paas kehne ko sirf yeh rehta hai
 [Voice dims] mujhko laga tha yu.. ki waisa…

[girl’s face trembling]

Nahi dekhoge tum kabhi jo maine hai dekha.

She: baaki baatein baad ki hai…. Kyu bahaane bana rahe ho??? {overlapping}
He: Ohhh Goddd!!! Tumse main kis had ka pareshan hu..{overlapping}
She: You bloody went and slept with that b****…..{overlapping}
He: I did not.. I did not…tum manogi toh na…..{overlapping}
She: that w****… that .. that….absolute s*** of a woman {overlapping}
He: I …..dropped…. her….. home…and then
 [Voice dims]
She: ya …and then what???tell me….
He: ………….and then am here…..

[girl looking down at the teddy….hands still covering it’s ears…a drop of tear wells up in the girl’s eye, falls down her cheek, and on to the teddy’s cheek and gets soaked]

Nahi sunoge tum kabhi jo maine hai suna

She: ohhhh yeaaahhh!!!
He: what exactly is your problem {overlapping}
She: And then you are here!!! She let you go??? {overlapping}
He: huh!!! Main kya …. Seriously.. main….{overlapping}
She: oh!! That b**** just let you go without you f****** her…

[He slaps her on the face… she loses balance…. Hits the chair beside which she was standing.. chair topples… she falls to the ground.
She is crying….
His head is bent down… his hand over his head.. eyes shut .. eyebrows crunched… he moves across the room.. hands move down to his hips… he looks straight ahead]

He: yakeen nahi hota mujhe ki tum wohi ho jisse maine shaadi ki thi…. Jisse….[pause] …main khud se zyada pyaar karta tha.

[she continues crying. He goes over to the table, picks up his car keys and walks up to the door.. he opens the door knob..]

She: you are going to her now???? Ya kisi dusri ke paas??
[she is sobbing… he looks back at her, his face flinching… turns around… goes out the door… banging the door behind him…. She is crying ]

Nahi mehsoos karoge tum kabhi jo maine hai mehsoos kiya

[girl removes the hand from the teddy’s ears… holds him up.. clinging it against her chest]

She: Zooni……..

[girl looks at the door, pupils dilated…. She runs out of the other door into the balcony]

She: Zooni… are you asleep????

[girl looks at her teddy holding it up right in front of her face]

Nahi jiyoge tum waise jaise maine hai jiya

[She opens the door and enters the girl’s room and looks out through the other door into the balcony]

She: What are you doing there? I had told you to go to bed…. Zooniiii.. Are you listening to me??

[girl throws down her teddy from the balcony of their 7th floor apartment]

Kyuki aisi zindagi se marna kai behtar.

[She enters the balcony]

She: I want you to go to bed….NOW

[girl stares at her mother]

She: Why ???
[she cries]
She: Why are you being so… so very difficult???

[girl runs past her, into the room, and onto the bed… pulls up her blanket over her head.]

[She sits down there.. in the balcony….looks up at the sky… hugs herself and cries…]

[the teddy lies on the ground straight below… a car leaving the building compound runs its wheels over the teddy.]

*The End*

~Almas Kiran Shamim


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