Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blog Makeover :)

Assalam alaykum
My blog has got a makeover… and I has a big happy :D Alhamdulillah
I had to work real hard with that mermaid background you see at the back….. I don’t exactly remember where I got the pic from, but I think it’s pretty cool. And yet, I could never use it coz’ blogger never allowed me to. Newaz… finally it’s up :)

Since I’ve been so ‘off’ blogs in the past one year or so, I do not really have any favourite blogs anymore… :( some of the blogs that I’d been following have been privatized, some others have been closed down or are simply dead.. : ( so, am in the lookout for good blogs… good blogs that make me happy and give me some food for thought (not that my thought process is starving…’s overflowing actually, but certain things are simply better when in excess :p)
I’ve also noticed that certain blogs I follow are not sending feeds, I don’t know how …. But they have been as functional as ever… so I guess, I’ll have to go to each of the blogs in my list and check whether I need to continue following it or not! That gives me a big work at hand! Lol!
I’m also confused regardin whether or not to keep a blog list as a side widget….. it would be handy to access the various blogs I follow but would mean extra loading time on my mobile…. :(
Well… let’s see how it goes!
Have a lovely day….
Allah hafiz.


Muhammad Israr said...

hi have a nice blog here especially the jalpari background :) i am following you... :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thanks israr :) you guys too have a lovely blog. . . And lovely names :p lol! Am followin you too :)

Sa'dia said...

Lol.. Your mermaid backround took like 5 minutes before it loaded onto my computer screen :).. Its very nice though :).. It matches the colour you wearing in your pic :).. You look like someone i know btw :).. lol

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

ha ha :D and I had thot that its my connection which is the problem. Lol! . .

Seriously? ? Who out there looks like me hmmm ? ? ?

Sa'dia said...

A friend of mine. But she's of portugese descent :)...


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