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On Why I am Against the Lokpal... Part 2

Next, bout our politicians and junta
The Indian junta is one excessively obsessed over its politicians.
For some reason, the junta believes that the best way to do wrong and escape is to blame it on the politicians.
I tried to search for the total number of politicians in India, no proper results popped up. Though, one site mentioned an average of 3 crore politicians. Let us go with ‘5’. Saying that 5 crore politicians are responsible for the downfall of 95 crore of hareeshchandra junta is a bit of an overstatement I guess.
Shame on us 95 crores if we believe that our country is run by those 5 crores!!!

I believe that only the most corrupt of people will blame the politicians to be corrupt, coz tell me the ppl who refuse to pass files in the govt offices- are they politicians??? Are they even officers???? They are the clerks!!!
Bribery and corruption is present at every single level in India….. from the top to the bottom.
In such a scenario, if anybody turns a blind eye to the problem at the base and simply asks for justice by punishing the hot shot politicians, is either a jealous pig in that he himself has not been able to loot the country as much as these ministers could, or is a corrupt bastard who wants to shift the frame of concern from himself, his family members, his friends, his neighbourhood, his office, his school, his gym and every other place associated with him- the common man-which is corrupt, and which can be sorted out relatively in an easier way to the Prime Minister and his office, the politicians and others… who are, if corrupt, only as corrupt as himself.
The only difference being, Bigger power, bigger scams, bigger money.

These are the people who blame the politicians for price hike, for India’s poverty, lack of education, lack of sanitation, unemployment etc etc etc….

These are the people who didn’t pay attention during their classes at school and thus do not know that fossil fuels have been created over millions of years and the prices will only INCREASE as time passes because we r using more than what is being created. These are the people who would blame the ministers to be moving around in limos, but the moment they themselves get a chance to buy one, wouldn’t hesitate to.
These are the people who say stuff like “Hindustan mei kitne gareeb hai aur falana falana ko dekho Swiss bank mei kitnaaaa paisa bhar ke rakha hai”, when they themselves have accounts in SBI and AXIS and others which are they desperately trying to fill to brim, not caring about the same Hindustan ka same gareebi. Yes, the scales are different…. That means, they are not actually bothered about Hindustan but kisi dusre ke paas zyada paisa dekhke inke seene mei saanp lot-tha hai.

These are the people who are very bothered about the transparency in a politician’s salary when they themselves will not leave any stone unturned to increases their ‘sources’.
These are the people who throw garbage on the strrets and sit in front of the tv, look at a documentary on the pollution in India and say “kya karta hai sarkar, pata nahi..bas apne jeb bharne mei hai”

These are the people who are leeches and do not want to take any responsibility for the land they call their country…. Who want to teach their children crap, telling them that the bribery we see in local offices is fine coz the machinery consists of your chacha and your bada bhaiyya and your daadi…. But then we will have to hold someone responsible right, toh beta politicians hai na!!!! blame them!!! And in your ‘political orientation’ in social networking sites write ‘bullshit’. The most diplomatic answer somehow giving the appearance of you being so ethical that you cannot tolerate the deviation from ethics shown by the politicians….but of course, jab election aaega, you should go and vote for one of those people whom you have called bullshit.

These are the ppl who blame the govt when a bridge falls…. Saying that the govt chose the wrong ppl to make the bridge so that they could make money…..turning a blind eye to the fact that these contractors rise from among us.

These ppl blame the politicians for the failure of national programs, not accepting the fact that national programs can only be MADE by them .. they have to be IMPLEMENTED by us.

These ppl… made of you and me… the Indians… are the ppl who are corrupt and are always keen in pointing at the politicians coz it shifts the frame of blame from the rotting roots that is us.

When we behave like this, we can continue with our misdeeds easily coz the world is busy blaming the TOP FEW CORRUPT FRUITS in the tree whose ROOTS are rotten too.

This reminds me of the time when Dr. Kalam had visited our islands after the Tsunami, and had told that it’s not aids which is lacking, it’s the sincerity of the ppl….
The ppl… you and me…

This also reminds me of a certain girl who was very opposed to the OBC reservation (as I too was)… and was vomiting out shit at the congress govt (she herself being a BJP supporter) at wat a corrupt party it is, wat a corrupt govt and the likes….. and when she herself had to apply for PG Entrance examinations, had softly told me that she too had made an OBC certificate for herself coz her caste is under OBC and why should she miss the chance????

THIS is us.
We, the people of India!!!!

We, the people of India, who offered a Lokpal….. and had a substantial portion of our demands met, and still we want more… to include the PM, coz maybe.. we are only delaying the process….. coz not everybody will be India’s PM, but a lot will be police and govt officials who can be targeted under this.. so rather stick on to a very very high demand… a demand that the govt wouldn’t agree to, and again we, the people of india can relish over the insincerity of our politicians and say ki “OH!!!! The politicians didn’t let it happen, warna ab tak toh corruption gayab tha!”

If we, the people of india, Really want to remove corruption, why not start with ourselves??? Why not accept the draft…. Ek PM kitna chori karega???? Us ek PM ko chori karne se rukane ke liye kitne saaro ka chori rokne se inkaar kar rahe hai???....wah!


This also reminds me of how nothing can be successful until WE act….. Dowry is a punishable offence, and yet come down to Kerala and have a look- the model state of India… come and see the presence or rather the dominance of Dowry in the most literate part of India….
Uske baad, should we blame the govt for not being able to eradicate social evils???
Or should we blame ourselves?
There is also a group of Keralite Muslims who have placed small plaques in front of their houses saying that ‘invitations to marriages where dowry is being taken or given, will not be accepted’… while this is done more so on religious grounds, wat I mean is that we need to correct ourselves before blaming the world.

Long ago, in the site, to a certain post I had written a comment saying that if we do good and act right in our own selves, the country will definitely improve. And another person had motivated me a lot by saying that all I would be doing is creating a small white dot in a black world. And that nothing can happen until a ‘revolution’ takes place.
These are the ppl who wait for someone to come and wipe out their sins but do not believe in stopping the sin themselves.

Bout me being a congress supporter, I very well am. But more than that am a govt supporter. I support my country, and wen Vajpayee was the PM, he was my best man on earth.
Whatever, yes! I am very much a congress bhakt. Just like there’ll be BJP bhakts and Communist bhakts.
We are so coz we believe in them more than others… and ppl are different.
But in this situation, I seriously do believe that the Lokpal will not be of much use to us, would be detrimental, in fact.

And the ppl posting abuses on Sonia and Manmohan.. well.. they amuse me to bits… as if… any other PM from any other party wudnt have opposed! and as if, Manmohan is goin to be the PM forever…… lol!!! Ppl who are opposing Lokpal and theinclusion of the PM are doing so, not coz they want to preserve Manmohan, but coz they want to preserve the power and dignity of the office of the PRIME minister of the State.

Aur waise bhi we are the same pl who had treated Ganguly like a king ek waqt mein and while he was leaving, we had filled up the internet with Ganguly Jokes… what a grt farewell we had given him.

So, finally I say that I am against the Lokpal coz I believe that the issue at hand is correcting the PEOPLE of India, our attitudes and way of life, the politicians will fall in place by themselves coz INDIA is made up of us and run by us- the Junta, NOT them- the politicians. Even so, if we need a Lokpal, it should NO NOT NEVER be an autonomous body coz that would be a tragedy for my country, might lead to India’s collapse, making us an underdeveloped country rather than a superpower. Take responsibility for the corruption rather than shoving away the blame.

Over and out!


Ruhi Shah said...

I completely agree with you, India needs a mental revolution, each and everyone of us. Including the PM in a bill is not the solution as many would love to think and put a blame on 'leaders'.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Very glad to know that we agree in this one. . . Really, it's we who need to improve . . Anna is not India. WE are India.

And is your blog address your signature? Coz otherwise you didnt really need to link it . Am already a follower of your wonderful blog. Maybe you havent noticed. :)


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