Friday, 19 August 2011

On Why I am Against the Lokpal.

This is going to be one long rant. And it’s coz I didn’t write short rants on this topic like most of my facebook friends have. So, you may choose to skip reading this or read it at your own risk.
This entire post will basically be divided into 2 parts.

1. Why I believe that the Jan LokPal Bill should not be implemented.

2. What I think bout Indian politics and politicians (and consequently the Indian Junta)

So, why do I believe that the Jan LokPal Billl should not be implemented?
At this point, I would like to say that I really hope that ALL the people who are soooo in support of this Bill have actually adorned their minds with at least some knowledge of what this bill actually is rather than just going with the flow and looking at the outer alluring cover called “Anti-Corruption Law”. So, assuming we all know at least ‘something’ about this Bill, I continue.
Put in a short and simple way, I am totally and totally and totally AGAINST the creation of an autonomous judiciary body, beyond the existing judiciary system. The Jan Lokpal Bill (if ever a Law) would constitute a law body that would deal with corruption charges in the local setup moving on to higher levels, and settle the cases within a given period of time. And any official belonging to this system of law found corrupt himself will be dismissed. The chances of corrupt members in this body will, however, be low coz the process of selection of members will be “Transparent” (*cough*cough*).
Now, the problem that “I” find in this setup is

1. the autonomous nature of this judiciary body.

THIS autonomous existence is itself a threat to the nation. It’s almost like ‘who will guard the guardians?’. We are actually creating an institution NOT CONTROLLED BY ANY AUTHORITY under the pretext of saying that it will be controlled by “Us”. We (currently) are going on rallies and stuff for the inclusion of the PM too.. in short, we are reducing the status of the ‘Prime Minister’ (plz note that Prime Minister comprises of two words- “PRIME” and “MINISTER”) of India to be UNDER the Lokpal. Thus, clearly the Lokpal is being made the “Prime- Primer-Primest Minister” of India. And not just the PM, but even the Judiciary system existing in India comes directly under the ‘Guardianship’ of the Lokpal. The Lokpal has the power to go on a case against almost anybody in India and the case will be decided upon in 2 yrs max, all punishments being implemented by the Lokpal itself. The Lokpal members, however, are not answerable to anybody but themselves……

Being clearly above the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary systems existing in India, the Lokpal is being given the power to “COUP” the Indian governance.

Until now, the government, even if corrupt, was just a ‘government’ voted by “Us”. This govt had powers, but never more than “Us” coz after every 5 years we could bring it down. Under this govt. we are “Free” and India is a “Democracy”. The very proof of our being “Free” and India being a “Democracy” is the huge opposition that we are putting up against every move of the govt.
Under the Lokpal, which theoretically sounds all perfect, a single drop of corruption can lead to a complete breakdown of democracy, because this governing body has been given ABSOLUTE power. For that matter, even ‘corruption’ would not be needed, just some stubborn headed ppl would be enough to bring about their own set of laws into the country.
Coz anybody and everybody opposing this ‘stubborn headed’ group of ppl will be labeled corrupt and sent to prison.
It’s almost like a “Reverse Emergency”.

2. The selection of members wud be “TRANSPARENT”.

Let us not forget that India already has a judiciary system which, if not elected directly by us, is actually through us; and there’s no guarantee that if one judiciary sys has failed (according to those who are so hell bent in bringing in the Lokpal), another will not. Also, the so-called bad politicians from whom we are trying to save our country are also our own representatives. WE are the ppl who’ve voted for them and brought them to power. And today if we feel that our country is in the wrong hands, I wonder whom should we blame for it but ourselves. And if the “WE” can go wrong in choosing our leaders (which, apparently, has been going ever since India became free), how are we sure that the same “WE” will not go wrong in choosing the members of this local law body??

Besides, every individual is different and has his own thought process. Vesting complete power in the hands of a few people (however clean they appear) can never be good for a democracy.
Coz, in general, power makes ppl blind.
Even otherwise, what makes you believe that ppl, normal ppl like you and me cannot be ‘influenced’? every member of the Lokpal can as much be influenced by ‘elements’ in the society as ppl have been from time immemorial. There is always chance of ‘chain- influences’ and just in case a few members within the Lokpal are ‘influenced’ by each other , any no. of govt officials can be imprisoned without any questions from anybody, if they are displeasing to this group of lokpal members ‘influenced’ against that officer.

3. Who will BE the body?

Trust me, when the time comes for the ‘formation’ of the body, the same ‘you’ and the same ‘me’ will forget all our ‘Anti-Corruption Vows’ and vote to power the ppl who would suit ‘US’ the best. This process of choosing ‘who’ to be given ABSOLUTE POWER would itself lead to Civil Wars in India, because we are so heavenly blessed with diversity.

The entire process would take up longer than Indians took to gain independence from the Raj. (*exaggeration*coz some ppl don’t get it)

4. The first clean-ups

The first clean-ups would have to be done of the ppl who ‘interfered’ in the formation of this body--- coz a lot of corruption wud happen just in the process of ‘forming’ it. Next, ppl would clean up the present ministers… almost all will be imprisoned (this being told in the ASSUMPTION that this new system remains clean enuf to actually DO wat is being proposed now)then???? Who governs india???? :) :) :) who but the Lokpal? Jai Lokpal! Jai Lokpal! :) and then the Lokpal becomes exactly what we have now…… we end where we started.

5. The misuse of power

Maybe we are not realizing this, but the misuse potency of such a HUGE amount of power is equally HUGE. The Lokpal gives the common public the right to lodge cases against bureaucrats directly. You or me or anybody can thus question any officer we don’t like, probably someone who hadn’t agreed to cancel our transfer orders, or not given us some kind of ‘benefit’ sometime. If that person is a ‘good’ person, most definitely he wouldn’t be able to ‘create’ evidence in his favour…. Ending up in jail. This process of ‘jailing’ would only be hastened if the person who had lodged the complaint is in any ‘influencing’ position towards any member of the ‘lokpal’.
This is just a loser example. Of course, any sane mind can think of bigger and much much more destructive misuse that can occur.

6. Self-absorbed

And by creating this Body, which will undoubtedly be the most POWERFUL body in India (with ‘coup- ing’ powers, like I told) we are vesting all the power of our country in the hands of a group of ppl who would be busy punishing Indian officers at the complaints made by bitter Indians and making videos of their own selection processes and the Indian ppl too, being the politician-obsessed ppl that we are, will be glued to television watching the television as IAS and IPS officers are taken to the prisons. That would be ALL that we’d do.

7. Anarchy

Believing that the power rests in our hands (as if it does not already!), we would be pin pointing at almost all the officers (as mentioned in point 5.) and this would mean that at any given time the Almighty Lokpal will have its hands full. It would be too great a task and too big a promise to fulfill…. The cases that really need to be dealt with might not be dealt with … the misuse of power will be rampant.. coz everyone.. EVERYONE will have the position to question authority…. The authority, the bureaucrats, whether bad or really good would be scared of even writing their names on paper coz anybody can raise charges against them…
(and it wudnt be difficult to convict him coz there’ll always be ppl to speak against him- remember someone’s freedom fighter is someone else’s terrorist)
Ppl would choose to be in private sector and make money rather than giving a shit to become IAS and IPS. Again the ppl wouldn’t be happy and again there would be rallies and facebook status updates saying what an awful power rules us…. But by that time, the Almighty Lokpal would have become too Almighty to give a shit to wat you and I would say. There wud ultimately be no one ruling anyone, no one considering anyone a ruler, and no one to turn to, to bring a final order in the country. The country, God forbid, would collapse.

We have a neighbor where there have been so many coups just because the distribution of power is such. I am not sure if I want any power to exist in my own country that can call for a coup…… ‘coups’, however good they seem for the time being, are always despotic in the long run. be continued...


musafir said...

offtopic - please change the font , its difficult to read :(

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:( sad :(
i too was finding it slightly difficult so i had kept the font larger. . . But then it started looking like our cursive writin texts so i changed it to a smaller size today evening :_(
coz i thought ki newaz i am the only one reading :p
lol! Ok. . Will change it. .:) btw was very nice meeting you guys today :) *happy*:)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

why doesnt your guy blog anymore? It's a nice blog. .

Faisal M said...

Nice article. It is glad to see at least a few thinks maturely.

BTW, I accidentally hit it in your blog. I searched for my native place name( Neerkunnam ) and my company name (Tata Elxsi), hoping to find somebody. You have both the keywords in two unrelated posts.

Any way.. Nice writing...

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

hey thanks :) . . .
Media is concentrating on just one side of the picture . . That is the real problem.

And which Neerkunnam are you talkin bout? Alleppey ? Coz am workin at the Medical College Hospital Complex Alpy . .

Faisal M said...

I don't think it is the media that made the things worse. It is some younger gen people who thinks ranting on internet would solve every problems (somewhere I read "Holiday protesters never stop wars", ie, true for eradicating the corruption too). How many of these facebookers who support Anna did vote in the last election?.

Yes, my native place is just a few meters from the new hospital complex.

jakhu moolnivasi said...

very nice, our country has need a intectual person like u, not a foolish sheeps.
thanks very much try to spead yours view and save india from coming dictetorship
all the moolnivasi samaj supports yours view
jakhu moolnivasi spain

jakhu moolnivasi said...

thanks for yours valuable views,jakhu moolnivasi

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Yupp . . True. . .
Most of them are simply going along with the crowd.

Really good to know :) so we are neighbours :)

I too am glad to know that we share similar views. . :) though, it would have been of more help if you'd been in India rather than Spain. :)

shrikant sahu said...

i think lokpal bill is a very good so called ''law''
but i agree with jalpari......this lokpal bill will not affect india positively....
Rather it might work better in other countries where they dont have a wide range of thinking & huge diversity....

Love your blog mermaid <3 ;-)


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