Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Teddy Bear

Apne chhote se teddy bear ke saath baithi thi woh…. Uske kaano ko apne hathon se daabe, ki jaise woh nahi chahti thi ki woh kucchh bhi sune ……jabki who khhud sab sun rahi thi.

[girl sitting cross legged on the bed…. With her soft teddy bear on her lap, her hands pressed against the teddy’s ears. She is biting her lips, staring down at the bed….shutting her eyes tight… opening them and staring again.]

[sound of a glass crashing and voices shouting..]

He: tumko ab main kaise samjhau? Kaise main. Kya bolu main..kya matlab.. kaise..aakhir….
She: nahiiiii Sahil…. Bas.. kuchh samjhane ko nahi hai.
He: kya?
She: zahir hai na sab kuchh toh….
He: kitttnaa shak karogi mujhpe yaar? Kitna, batao?
She: dekho… shak??? … listen now,…. We’ve had this lots of times before….
He: exactly, wahi keh raha hu main…. We’ve had this lots of times pehle bhi aur aakhir mei tumhare paas kehne ko sirf yeh rehta hai
 [Voice dims] mujhko laga tha yu.. ki waisa…

[girl’s face trembling]

Nahi dekhoge tum kabhi jo maine hai dekha.

She: baaki baatein baad ki hai…. Kyu bahaane bana rahe ho??? {overlapping}
He: Ohhh Goddd!!! Tumse main kis had ka pareshan hu..{overlapping}
She: You bloody went and slept with that b****…..{overlapping}
He: I did not.. I did not…tum manogi toh na…..{overlapping}
She: that w****… that .. that….absolute s*** of a woman {overlapping}
He: I …..dropped…. her….. home…and then
 [Voice dims]
She: ya …and then what???tell me….
He: ………….and then am here…..

[girl looking down at the teddy….hands still covering it’s ears…a drop of tear wells up in the girl’s eye, falls down her cheek, and on to the teddy’s cheek and gets soaked]

Nahi sunoge tum kabhi jo maine hai suna

She: ohhhh yeaaahhh!!!
He: what exactly is your problem {overlapping}
She: And then you are here!!! She let you go??? {overlapping}
He: huh!!! Main kya …. Seriously.. main….{overlapping}
She: oh!! That b**** just let you go without you f****** her…

[He slaps her on the face… she loses balance…. Hits the chair beside which she was standing.. chair topples… she falls to the ground.
She is crying….
His head is bent down… his hand over his head.. eyes shut .. eyebrows crunched… he moves across the room.. hands move down to his hips… he looks straight ahead]

He: yakeen nahi hota mujhe ki tum wohi ho jisse maine shaadi ki thi…. Jisse….[pause] …main khud se zyada pyaar karta tha.

[she continues crying. He goes over to the table, picks up his car keys and walks up to the door.. he opens the door knob..]

She: you are going to her now???? Ya kisi dusri ke paas??
[she is sobbing… he looks back at her, his face flinching… turns around… goes out the door… banging the door behind him…. She is crying ]

Nahi mehsoos karoge tum kabhi jo maine hai mehsoos kiya

[girl removes the hand from the teddy’s ears… holds him up.. clinging it against her chest]

She: Zooni……..

[girl looks at the door, pupils dilated…. She runs out of the other door into the balcony]

She: Zooni… are you asleep????

[girl looks at her teddy holding it up right in front of her face]

Nahi jiyoge tum waise jaise maine hai jiya

[She opens the door and enters the girl’s room and looks out through the other door into the balcony]

She: What are you doing there? I had told you to go to bed…. Zooniiii.. Are you listening to me??

[girl throws down her teddy from the balcony of their 7th floor apartment]

Kyuki aisi zindagi se marna kai behtar.

[She enters the balcony]

She: I want you to go to bed….NOW

[girl stares at her mother]

She: Why ???
[she cries]
She: Why are you being so… so very difficult???

[girl runs past her, into the room, and onto the bed… pulls up her blanket over her head.]

[She sits down there.. in the balcony….looks up at the sky… hugs herself and cries…]

[the teddy lies on the ground straight below… a car leaving the building compound runs its wheels over the teddy.]

*The End*

~Almas Kiran Shamim

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