Thursday, 8 September 2011

500th Post in my Blog !!! :)

Assalam alaykum
Very happy to say that this is the 500th Post in my Blog :) :) :)
I wanted this post to be special . . . And what could be more special than my most favourite prayer, a prayer that every beating heart should sing, a prayer that is sung everyday in millions of schools and maktabs across India and Pakistan . . . :)

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri
Zindagi shamma ki surat ho Khudaya meri.

Duur duniya ka mere dum se andhera ho jaye
Har jagah mere chamakne se ujala ho jaye.

Ho mere dum se yuhi mere watan ki zeenat
Jis tarah phool se hoti hai chaman ki zeenat.

Ho meri zindagi parwaane ki surat ya Rabb
Ilm ki shamma se ho mujhko muhabbat ya Rabb.

Ho mera kaam ghareebon ki himayat karna
Dardmando se, zaeefon se muhabbat karna.

Mere Allah burai se bachana mujhko
Naik jo raah ho us raah pe chalana mujhko.

Lab pe aati hai dua banke tamanna meri
Zindagi shamma ki surat ho Khudaya meri.

~Allama Iqbal


Muhammad Israr said...

almas...congratulations on your 500th post...hats off...i think when i do my 500th post it will be in the next century :) may your blog live long and share many many more posts with us :) and yes...the dua... reminded me of our school..where we daily used to pray this :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thank you so much israr :)
lol! Yaar, we all feel that way :) i feel as if i have written onnnlyy 500 posts in a thousand years :p ha ha!

lucky you, you had it in your school :) i didnt :( :( but khair it's my most favourite dua :)

Sa'dia said...

I dont understand urdu :(..

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) WELL....will try to post the translation for you.. inshaAllah :)


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