Thursday, 29 September 2011

Breast Lump :/

Assalam alaykum

I have felt a lump in my right breast.
My friend, Amuda, told me that probably my palpatory method was wrong. So, I palpated again and yes, by all means, there’s a lump in my right breast. I do not have any wish or the courage to examine my own breast lump the way we have examined God-knows-how-many patients. However, I do know that it is painless, firm in consistency and pretty big :(
Mummy is really worried about it, especially coz recently a family member has gone thru the pains of a mastectomy, radio and chemo. Am worried too, but strangely, after the initial ‘fear’ crying, the major thing that’s upsetting me is the chance of getting an extension. I have 29 more working days of my internship, but, if I need to get myself investigated (and hopefully not – treated), I’ll need to take leave and do extension later… something that I so totally don’t want.


Aish and Amu have reassured me that I am not in the age group of carcinoma, so, it’s ok. But, am still worried… coz’ like I told, a close relative is struggling with post-mastec chemo.
And my body is full of moles and naevi- which are considered pre malignant lesions. Also, I suffer from vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease.
So.. well….am a BIT worried, if not frankly scared.
I will have to see a surgeon -there are only two female surgeons in my hospital- one is a JR, one is an SR…. I think I’ll show the JR… I have worked with her. I was the HS in the same unit as her’s during my Surgery posting.
I might need to do an FNAC… though I really hope that it is nothing.. I mean nothing at all… and I don’t even get to need an FNAC……

In any case, Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal
Praise the Lord under all circumstances…

On a happier note, I finally gave the cloth material to the tailor to get sleeves stitched – to be worn with tops, tees and kurtis which don’t cover my arms and forearms fully. I also bought a long and flowy black skirt… I don’t wear skirts…. Nor do I wear sarees. Coz of my morbid fear of tripping over :/
newaz... i've got one now... let's see if i trip over and fall. :p
But, I’d be able to wear this skirt only in air-conditioned places…

Otherwise I run the risk of making omelettes out of the eggs in my ovaries :/


Also read why I think Radiologists are The Gypsy Doctors in my other blog. :)

Allah hafiz


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