Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eid Mubarak!!!!!

Assalam alaykum
and a very very belated "Eid Mubarak" :)

THAT is my Eid ka dress :)

so... my Eid went pretty nice, Alhamdulillah! I had taken leave from work but didn't have anywhere to go. :( usually I go to Anisa's place at Ernakulam, but, this time she is a married lady :P and was at her husband's place at Calicut... so, here I was stuck up at Alpy missing my home and my family so bad! I got all dressed up in the morning, prayed in the quarters itself and went out to have a heavy breakfast at the same old ICH.... on my way back to the room I was feeling quite desp and lonely :( *sad*.... and I took the longer route back and what do I see near the casualty?

The Mobile Blood Bank!!!!! :) And it reminded me of my long-forgotten wish to donate blood (which had arisen after I'd seen that ad in which a little gal goes about thanking ppl for donating blood.. it's such an *awwwwish* ad). But, I cudn't see anybody in the bus, so I thot.. why not donate it to our own Blood Bank.. I mean the hospital's Blood Bank....:)

Then, I happily went to the BB and filled up the form as a voluntary donor. I was pretty tensed during the whole time the blood was being sucked out of!!! But, I felt wonderful to be a part of the elite who have been donating blood for so long!

Khair... I slept over the lunch time .... and in the afternoon went to Punnapra to a home which I have known ever since I joined college....This is a family which has helped me so much during my stay in Alpy.... They've been there whenever I needed them...Here are a few pics of that family...

That's Rahiya aunty and Sareena itha

Hamsa ikka with Naureen

Noora and Naureen

The kids and me...

Waha par I had Chicken biryani...
and the best part was that Aishwarya, my roomie, called me up to say that Dr. Shera and Dr. Saleema from ENT had brought Eid ka food from home and it's a bit in excess.. so Aish and I can have it together in the room at night... hoo hoo.. haa haa..
I was soooo happy....

On the whole, my Eid turned out to be pretty alrite.. Alhamdulillah!!!

So, belated Eid wishes, once again!

Allah hafiz !!


Faisal M said...

It is bizarre to realize that somebody celebrated Eid in my place alone, and I celebrated alone in another alien land.

Sa'dia said...

Glad you had a nice eid :).. Your eid clothes are very nice.. Here in SA, its so easy to pick out which aunties are from India, because they all dress in those modest punjabis :).. lol.. I dont think ive ever worn traditional indian outfits (even though i am an indian - though ive never been to India :)).. I think my forefathers, who came and settled in SA, were from Gujurat... But i dont even know how to speak Gujurati.. lol.. Bad hey.. Im so South Africanised :)...

chi said...

In the spirit of eid.

We would like all the hindu slaves taken by muslims.

Which were sold into iraq and samarakand.

Please return them or pay liablity.

Plus all the raping and looting of hindus.

Where was the muslim ALLAH when all this was going we never attacked the muslim country.

Or does the Muslim GOD as a shaitan himself indulged in the orgy of rapes and enslavement.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thanks for your comment :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...


lol! Thanks :) i personally love shalwar kameezes so so so much :) :)
so you are a gujju basically? ? Kem chho? Maja ma chho? ?
:p :p lol! Thats the only Gujarati i know :)
well . . . Not a problem if you are south Africanised :) we belong where our hearts are. :)

Eid Mubarak faisal. . . Yupp it IS strange but i guess that is how life is. How did you celebrate your Eid? ? Where are you workin btw?

Faisal M said...

I work in Troy, a small town in northern USA.

For eid, to feel home, i tried an Indian food restaurant, but these north-Indian food didn't make be nostalgic:(

Anyway, enjoy the most nice part of the word (at least for me) :) and write something cute abt it so I can read.

BTW, my love for home comes only when I leave home :).

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

oh :( that's really far away :( i had thot you must be in one of our IT cities. . . US is on a another planet. :(

funny how different we are :) i so so so love north Indian food. . . Not that i dislike southie stuff . . But Thats not Wat we have at home . .

and i agree with you. :) we all love our homes most . . For me too, my home is the best. . But if there is any other place in the world that i love, it's Kerala. . . :)
but hey . . My next few posts might have stuff that i found absurd in Kerala :p of course, they'd be most natural to you :) lol!


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