Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Special moments with Special people!!!

Assalam alaykum
We all share our happy moments as well as sad moments with ppl who, and not necessarily ppl who, matter to us . . . . We might win a lottery and announce it to almost anybody whom we meet :) plain and simple happiness :)
we might have a little row with someone in the batch and again go about sulking over it in front of every other batchmate. :p plain and simple sadness :p
but what's common in these two acts is that we are talkin to ppl who 'come before us'. Not special ppl whom 'we go to'.
I feel, lucky are the ppl with whom someone shares his moments and feelings, whether happy or sad, by actually seeking him out.
and they are ESPECIALLY lucky if the person giving them the good (or bad) news is not his family member. :) lol

For me, it's always been my mummy/ Azhar with whom I have wanted to share those EXTRA special happy and sad moments. . . . Ofcourse, I only have mummy to call my own now. . .

Recently, one of my friends, Anisa, had informed me about his brother gettin admission into IIT Hyderabad and told me that she knew that I would be the happiest to receive the news :)
She called me up again after a few days but my roomie took the call, she then asked ESPECIALLY for me and gave me the good news that she is carrying :) :) Alhamdulillah :) she told that among her friends, I was the first one with whom she wanted to share her happiness :) :) and just sometime back, one of my juniors, Nisha, called me up to tell that she has cleared her Second Prof MBBS exams :) :) she is at home rite now and just the fact that in spite of being with her family, she remembered to call me up, made me feel so nice :) :) We let ppl know bout our lives thru FB and Twitter. . .
But there are few special ppl who get a call personally. . . Who hear us squeal with happiness or burst out crying. . . .
We are lucky if we have such special ppl in our lives. We are luckier if we are so special to someone. :)

I am special. Are you? :)


Muhammad Israr said...

indeed it is very special that somebody remembers you in their happiness and sadness... afterall one cannot share everything with everybody and we all need some special people with whom we can share our feelings :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

True dat :)

Sa'dia said...

Good news is always better when you have someone to share it with, and sad news is always less painful when you have someone to share it with as well... So, having someone special in your life is therapeutic :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

wow you said it so well. :) it is therapeutic indeed :)

Shy said...

ive also experienced this... many of the old people tell bout their sad lives khair they tell everyone... but i was recently touched by a woman (customer ) who told me bout her problems and later she also added.." i dont know why i told u everything, i dont know u so well, chalo achha hua i feel nice talking to u" i was taken aback but i felt gud and special also

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) you have always been the 'special one' for your customers.. especially the old ones.....
i remember that uncle who had liked you so much... and had told that only they can laugh whole heartedly who have a sinless past life :)
i guess it is your laughter which wins over people :)


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