Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Torturing the Torturers

Killing and being killed are part of a vicious game- a vicious game that runs in a vicious cycle- on and on and on.
No wonder we see every accused counter-accusing his accuser.
There are pointing fingers everywhere- pointing fingers and pointing guns.
The world has become so maddening that ‘ignorance is bliss’ is something we might need to seek and inculcate into our lives. Because this world is no longer a stage where we are the actors... It is now a battlefield and each one of us is presented with the Hobson’s choice of either becoming a warrior or end up as collateral damage. There are no onlookers spared anymore- whether or not you wish for it.

I recently read a very old account of the British torture of its citizens(belonging to a certain religion of course!) at The Guardian and it reminded me of the many articles written about the harrowing experiences of the prisoners at the hands of the US and British forces. This torture of the prison inmates in order to gain intelligence is undoubtedly heinous. The methods employed are inhuman, more so when, at the end, the tormented inmates turn out to be sinless on their part.
Human Rights organizations, religious bodies and even a section of the common man have been vociferous in opposing these misdeeds, but, as we all know, nothing has stopped.
The powerful continue to use their power to subjugate those under them, continue to commit crimes under the pretext of fighting against crime. And again, as we all know, this will go on.

But, the question that arises in my heart as to why in the world would anyone- ANYONE- commit such atrocities? Who ARE the people being tortured? Exactly WHO are suffering through sleepless nights, hungry days and are being given electric shocks that leave them burnt not only in flesh but also in soul?

Well, that goes without being said…
Muslims who could be doctors, teachers, pilots, school drop-outs and yes… terrorists.

I am not going into a discussion of the people who can be included under the common noun that is ’terrorist’. Nor am I going to tell (or hear) about how using the ‘T’ word for Muslims (and Muslims alone) is absolutely unjust.
Here, I exclusively mean the Islamist terrorists (so- called).
The anti-terror cells abounding the world over contain Muslims who could be innocents and who could well be terrorists.
And if they are, indeed, terrorists, or terrorists-to-be or people with an inclination towards taking innocent lives, don’t you think that the torture they are being made to bear is only what they deserve? Coz’ who is the judge to decide whether it is more inhuman to make another person live through pain rather than die through pain?
A person who is unscrupulous enough to believe that a blind killing of human beings is justified, in fact, rewarding, would definitely, if given the chance, resort to ‘torturing’ people. Such a person when subjected to ‘torture’ himself doesn’t make a victim, does he? Coz’ what is wrong in torturing the torturer?

And this brings us to the point where we ask ourselves- all those people locked up in the prisons with terrorist charges, do they really qualify to be terror suspects?
As occurs in all power games, the misuse of ‘torture’ brings the whole (so called) War on Terrorism under a shadow so dark that neither a beam of light nor a ray of hope can pierce through its immensity.
The holding up and persecution of Muslims who are criminal only in that they bear a ‘Muhammad’ or a ‘Hussain’ in their names is rampant.
Many ‘interrogations’ ( and we know what it means) have only ended with the accused being released without any evidence found against him but with a physical and mental trauma for life. This is what is easily called yet another form of ‘collateral damage’; stating that in order to look out for the real terrorists, the hurt caused to some innocents is unavoidable.
Besides, how much of the intelligence attained after a torture session has credibility is questionable.
How many of the ‘crack- downs under pressure’ are real confessions and how many are ‘I’m saying what you want me to say, just stop torturing me’ is again, questionable.
These fake confessions are also useful when you have a difficult case to deal with. The moment you cannot figure out the whys and hows of a criminal act or if you want to shift the blame of something you have done on to Muslims, you can easily arrest an ‘Ali’, create evidence against him, torture him into confession and lo! Your case is solved.

To be noted here is the fact that ‘torturing’ people to squeeze out intelligence is prohibited under most laws.
No wonder most of the arrests, interrogations and other proceedings of the War on Terror are done under a blanket of secrecy.

However, this still doesn’t answer our question whether the prohibition of torture is appropriate or not?

If we switch over to an act which I consider to be a terror much greater than murder- Rape, every rapist is a terrorist.
Assuming I was raped, would I not want the rapist too be punished for the crime and if he wasn’t admitting to it, would I not want him to be ‘tortured’ into accepting it- however harsh the torture be… coz’ hadn’t he tortured me enough when he had raped me?
Bloody yes! I would.
But, then again, do we ‘torture’ people at large claiming that they were ‘Rape-suspects’? Do we have a secret agency that looks into people’s sexual interests and finds out who are the people likely to rape someone and torture them into confession? Do we ‘torture’ the men who visit porn sites exclusively to watch ‘rape videos’- coz’ aren’t they people with a ‘mental inclination towards rape’? Do we question sex workers at the brothels about the men who use violence as a part of their sexual gratification and ‘torture’ these men to find out whether or not they have or were planning to rape someone?
I wonder…
I wonder how can anyone justify the torture of an innocent Muslim and then be baffled about how Muslims turn into terrorists.


Muhammad Israr said...

well.... i think its a paradox...the torture they give to the terror-suspects, mere mmortals will be ready to accept any charges because of such torture and only the hardened terrorists will be the ones who wouldnt accept anything no matter how much they are tortured...so i gues its working against the goal of the torture...but again the govt doesnt care about it...

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Candidly written post.

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

@jalpari- hey thanks for visiting my blog your blog is pretty cool.... i hardly like the color BLUE but in your blog it is defenitely looking magical...!
and you manage so many blogs... ahh..! great work...!
and the post of-course...!
we never did yet we were blamed
we never killed yet we died
we never complained yet we were accused..its never ending..seems like a torture that calls for a name war...!anyways innocence lies in praying and bravery in voicing your opinion against it...!
whatever it is the majority rules and especially in INDIA>.!
nice work..!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...


so totally agree wid you. it is truly a paradox. i personally dont think i'd be able to stand such severe torture and mite confes to things that i havent done... a seasoned terrorist, on the hand, who actually gets training.. mite only have to be killed... whether or not he confesses.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...


i loved your blog!!! :) so no thanks for that!!

and well, you dont like blue??? goddddd!! i luvs blue :)

and thanks :) lol!!

well... back to the post!! i dont say that every Muslim is innocent of any crime, like i have already mentioned.. but, yes, the way Muslim life is slaughtered in the pretext of saving other lives is just intolerable.
others might not feel so, but as a Muslim, i definitely do!

Chintan said...

I so hate the whole one nation with power phenomena! 9/11 stories and what not some of these might as well be orchestrated. I do not think tagging muslims with terrorists is justified but if you read Marvi's blog Baghi, somehow it gives a feeling not all think like us. Some muslims do like the hatred....

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

i will surely check out that blog . . And yes . .Not just that one, i have read many 'comments' from ppl that might show a Muslim's hatred . . . But that is the catch, you know . .
'Some Muslims do like hatred' . .
Should be
'Some people do like hatred, whether or not Muslims'

coz how many more blogs and comments and sites exist that are Islam hating . .

In my own blog, there are so many comments that go into spam coz they are anti Muslim . . Even though am not talkin derogatory of their religion. . .

chi said...

I Knew it, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUE POST OF MINE..........muslims won't see the mirror and see the biggest genocidal maniacs in themselves.

So how many hindu slaves your ancestor kept, do ask the elders. There must be great stories in your family, like we had 5 hindu slaves, four hindu women for enjoyment of your male ancestors.

AFTER ALL PROPHET MUHAMMAD KEPT SLAVES female slaves :) :) :) :) :)


Death to ISLAM
Death to slavery ( Give all the remains of hindu slaves back ) They have to be cremated so they receive moksha.



JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Handle your true post ?

If you think this is the first time someone is hurling the 'prophet Muhammad had female slaves and death to Islam' at me, thereby, am taken aback, you are sadly mistaken. . . I have received slang much more beautiful than these ...you have a high ladder to climb my dear.

You are being spammed just like matrimonial and online books sites are being spammed. Coz what worth lies in keeping a comment from someone who doesnt even have the courage to speak out his/her name.

Besides, this is MY blog. Had i been so interested in everyone's hateful comments,1. i wouldnt have blocked anonymous comments, 2. i wouldnt have kept moderation on.

Especially coz by the no. Of your profile views it feels as if this fake profile was created especially for me . . Why? Coz you cant face me in your real self? I wonder.

And unlike you, i do know the meaning of 'last' and so this is the last gift i give you by publishing your comment and replying to it.

Thanks again for your comments my beloved 'Brave-enuf-to-Post-hate-comments-from-a-fake-profile' :) :) :)

P.S - My ancestors were Hindu :) :) :) :)

mango man of banana republic said...

seems you are a doctor, you must have prescribed antibiotics to your patients to cure them, you prescribe it even after knowing that it will also kill friendly bacteria present in our body.

dont you make cut with your scalpel on skin and the muscles below it to remove an infected tissue.

this is what our security forces are doing, how could they reach real culprits, they are not getting services of oracles, if you are one, please help them as well as your beloved community.

if you will write with communal point of view, surely you are going to get communal comments in return.


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