Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy Bee Me :)

Assalam alaykum pplz :)
Long time….
Well… hadn’t been able to post anything for long coz of a sudden lack of time in my schedule… and probably the same trend would go on for a few more days……mmmmm like 30 days :P
The reason is that I am about to finish my internship (23 days more, inshaAllah) after which I have a HUGE load of packing to do (stuff of 6 yrs in Kerala). There are no real Packers and movers that have a centre in my far-off island (plz check a map of India for Andaman and Nicobar Islands to know exactly how far we are from the Indian mainland), so I’ll have to send the things thru TCI and they DO NOT pack things up…that means I have to actually arrange for the cartons and gunny bags and everything and do it all by myself.. :/ plus, all the paper work.. the completions from the various departments, the certificates and blah blah…. All this will take up a lot of time…
Things would have been better if I had some other posting but I’m beginning my Triage posting from today. And basically, we are posted in the Medicine casualty and trust me, this is not the place you’d like to be towards the very end of your course…. That means, I would struggle to even find time to breathe during these 15 days (*exaggerated*), let alone get my completion etc….that means I have to keep in hand a few more days after the 23 days of posting that remain, to be able to declare myself a free bird….
Am sleepy..
I need to sleep
Got 48 hrs duty today…starting at 8am….
Lol!! I was about to venture into a 120 hrs shift *applause*… but better sense prevailed and I shouted out for help *double applause* and after a little bit of adjustments made with the other two HS who are posted in Triage with me, I have settled for 48 hrs straight, followed by two night shifts….hopefully, all this doesn’t leave me drained out…..
So, ya… gotto sleep….
Allah hafiz


Chintan Gupta said...

you a doctor :) that is so cool!

and packing is a tough task and can be emotional also :( and what about your previous post? are you alright? *prayers*

Ed Pilolla said...

good luck with work.
nothing is more important than sleep:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hope u would have slept well..;)

busyness brings a kind of fillness into life, all of a sudden when we make free time in between, that's a bliss..;)

Steve E said...

My college was next to the medical school/hospital--many friends interned there and your story sounds SO familiar, Almas. And yes, they were sometimes "walking zombies", so tired, so sleepy
Fret not, us Peeps will find you on Twitter, FB, or here, No Matter What!

Asma Khan said...

First visit at your space though it is so old one... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

madouthere said...

I couldnt leave a comment on ur previous post! I hope ur okie! U rock gal n its jus another bump dont bother!!!! whre in kerala are u now??!?! Great read my dear!

Muhammad Israr said...

chalow ji...thats great that you are towards the end of your course...and yes i guess these hospital duties are very tough and stretched but i hope you would do just fine..and i hate packing... especially when one has to move after such a long time...wish you best of luck :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) cool? ? It's hot!!
And yeah! It's emotional . . Just the thought of it is making me emotional :)

totally agree :) sleep is very very important :)

i like being busy. But i need Short breaks in between to loosen up, you know? :p

ha ha :D Yupp . . . We become zombies sometimes :) But there's really no way out :(
of course . . Am always available on FB :)

yeah :) my blog is an oldie now :p inshaAllah will visit your blog soon. Give me some time. A slight busy nowadays . .

*thanks* :) and am in Alpy :) you ?

sachi yaar . . Packing is a sardard. . . But khair, after all . . Im returning home :) it makes up for all the efforts :) and thanks :)


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