Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Wedding.

                                               Standing in my princess gown,
                                               Cutting my wedding cake.
                                               Neck laden with jewels now,
                                               Diamonds, rubies and jade.

                                                                    Smiling masks over their faces;
                                                                    Confetti falling free;
                                                                    All around, of love, no traces,
                                                                    But that was the very deal
                                                All for paper-money-paper,
                                                Only dancing to its tune.
                                                Yeah, for paper-money-paper,
                                                A stranger as my groom!

                                                                     Killers, gamblers and drug-dealers,
                                                                     Will take it all without a frown.
                                                                     And I won’t mind a million girls
                                                                     As long as I’ve the crown.

                                               My beauty was all that you needed,
                                               Paper-money all I need.
                                              A marriage of convenience,
                                              On paper we signed the deal.

                                                                    All for paper-money-paper,
                                                                    Dollars, Rupees and Pounds.
                                                                    Yeah, for paper-money-paper                                                                     What’s world is all about!

~Almas Kiran Shamim

submitted for One Single Impression

1 comment:

Faisal M said...

You may seriously think of changing the profession :)

Now reading ... "Adultery" by 'Paulo Coelho'.



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