Friday, 11 November 2011

I am a Graduate :))

Assalam alaykum
:) Long time (once again :P)
Sooooo…. A lott has happened over the past few weeks.
This post is entirely dedicated to one of them :)
I graduated :) :) :)

29th October, 2011 was the Graduation Day of my batch- 90th Batch (Batch 2005) of Govt. T.D.Medical College, Alleppey. Kerala
I really don’t think I’d be able to write much other than smileys… 
This was the same “Convocation” bout which I’d written a lengthy post saying that I WOULDN’T be attending it at all….
But, finally…. Couldn’t keep myself away from it. Though, I didn’t call my family for the ceremony, I attended and invited Ibrahim Uncle and his family for the ceremony. I stayed in their house at Alleppey for around 1 and a half months during HScy and even before that I used to visit them regularly. Actually during my first year (when I was soooo on love with MBBS)… my parents had decided to move to Kerala for my studies and we had rented a house “Manimandiram” which was just opposite “Sareena Manzil”- Rahiya aunty and Ibrahim uncle’s house.. that is how we got to know them and they had been  grt help to me during my entire stay.
So, our Grad Day began with the ususal ceremonies…. Followed by a very grand but also very confusing dinner (from which I wanted to run away coz I was missing my own family so bad..).. then a most irritating photo session…
And then we happily went to attend the culturals….. Balabhaskar (who is a violinist) played some very beautiful music…. And there were lots of fantastic performances by our batchmates as well as juniors…..
The entire thing ended by around 2.30 am… while the guys began their “DJ” dance… :P

I also know that the way I’ve written it…. It sounds like the yuckest thing in the world and 5 yrs from now when (if) I’ll read this post of mine, I’ll curse myself like hell .. but, khair….am more worried over whether or not I’d be able to post it coz Internet is just too too slow over here….
Did you ask “Here” where???….
Here baba….
Port Blair :)

Am back home.. :)
Kerala is over for me…. Or at least ‘on hold’ for sometime:)
coz there’s no place like Kerala ….
Except the Andaman & Nicobar Islands----which are even better :)
But, more on that later…
For now…. If you are on FB.. you can see the entire Album of my Grad pics here- My FB Album

Tc all….
Will soon catch up with you all :*
Love :)


Ruhi Shah said...

Congratulation !!! :)

Steve E said...

Almas, in this comment I had better be nice, because you are moderating, and could reject--grin!

To tell the truth, I did not go to my Bachelor or Masters Graduations, I was so pissed off, wanted to (also) get away from there, to my two small garret rooms. Unlike you, I wanted to hibernate and isolate.

As I perused your grad photos on FB, I was happy for you. A load of hard work presaged that Graduation Day of your Batch 90.

It must be difficult transition to leave your colleagues of six years--like a family. And to go home--that thrill of living in such a beautiful part of the world. Be happy. Please take time to decide what is the next move.

Allah will show you the way, Almas.
'See' you.

Kunal said...

Congratulations Doctor! :)

Faisal M said...

So I'll miss the Alleppy news'

Any way, congratulations and all the best for future endeavors.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Wow.. hearty congratulations.. i understand these moments.. it feels really grt and happy

enjoy ..)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thanks a lot :)

i too was pretty pissed out steve.... had written a post earlier sayin that i wudn be attendin the ceremony...thankfully... got my senses back...
why were u mad???? Grad day is BIG!!! is just pretty strange to be home....
but i HAVE TO start studying ....
cannot waste much time..

thanks :)

lol!!! now, we both'll miss Alleppey in our own ways...

thank you so much pramoda :)

Tariq Mian said...

congratulations ALMAS for your MBBS completion.
After the house job, better continue with some specialty.

Visit my blog please!
And, join the site too for the follow up.

Dr Roshan R said...

Congrats... my graduation was one of my best moments ever... what next ? plans for pg in any particular field...

Muhammad Israr said...

a thousand apologies, how could i miss this post? maybe i didnt have internet around that time and so it went through the scroll.... once again belated congratulations on your graduation and may your new life be the happier and more prosperous than before... as i say there are two things in the world that happen only once, graduation convocation and marriage :) so i am sorry that i could not wish you on time but kher... :)

madouthere said...

Toh ur a doc now! Super :) Now I have one doctor friend yipppeeee!!!
Congrats on graduating~
So wat plans n plsss do let me know when u come back to kerala :)


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