Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This post will contain lots of random things that i feel, are not so random, after all.

1. When i was in Alleppey (my most beautiful Alleppey), the best part of my Sundays was reading "The Spirit" page in The New Sunday Express Magazine, that comes with the New Indian Express. I hadnt subscribed to the paper coz the English paper wala wasnt willing to deliver the paper to the paanchva manzil of A block coz there was no other 'English newspaper' subscriber from that block. So I used to patiently wait for my turn to get the Sunday magazine at ICH. . . Sometimes having as many as four coffees at a stretch. Khair. I found something very beautiful a few days back but i lost the paper before i could copy it down. Today, i read yet another thing that i like so much, i would sing if i could.

It is a short part from the Spiritology column by Sadhguru Jaggu Vasudev. The title is "Indian Culture is Spiritually Evolved". One line from my favourite part in the column reads :

"Hindu is a geographical identity; anybody who is born in the land of Indus or the civilisation that came from the banks of Indus is a Hindu."

I am totally loving it :)
ofcourse, many might not agree. And i wouldnt disagree with the reasons they present. But, i cant deny that i LOVE that sentence above.
I have written many times earlier, in this blog, on how Muslims tend to believe that Islam and Arab are synonymous. (there is a catch here though, but we can keep that for later (dont you know me yet?))
And I am completely against the Arabisation of my life.

2. Islam says that there have been many many many Prophets since Adam (A.S) who came to the world with the message of God, to lead righteous lives, to worship God and God alone but ppl instead of worshipping God, started worshipping these Prophets. Islam says that every 'people' have had Prophets sent to them. Some hadees mention the total number of Prophets to be around 1,24,000. Allah Himself mentions in the Qur'an that He has told us in the Qur'an bout certain things and hasnt told bout certain others. Islamic scholars have collected the names of the Prophets from the Qur'an, the Bible, the Torah and the Gospels (coz these books are mentioned in the Qur'an, thus authenticating them to be in the 'Word of God' category. (catch no.2)) and have found less than a hundred names. Am sorry i do not remember the exact number, But i think twas around 80.
Now am sure you'd agree that the difference between 1 lakh twenty four thousands and 80 is a bit large.
We have a LOT of missing prophets.

3. Scholars have found similarities between the Kalki Avtaar of the Hindus and the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The Kalaki Avtaar is the last of the Hindu Dashavtaar who is yet to appear. Muslim scholars (some) claim that this Avtaar has already appeared and departed in Muhammad S.A.W. (though, there is a smaller voice claiming the awaited last Hindu Avtaar is the awaited Imam Mehdi A.S. - the last of our 12 Imams who'd be the Imam when Jesus A.S descends back on Earth for the final battle with Dajjal.)
the point here is that, if the last of the Dashavtaar can be a Prophet of Islam, why couldn the rest of the Dashavtaar have been Prophets of Islam? Dont we have approximately 1,23,900 missing Prophets?

4. Long long ago, I used to be an 'active spectator' in the Yahoo Islam Chat rooms. It was around 9/11 and the Chat rooms were teeming with Islamophobes. (havent been to one in a long time, so cannot say bout the present status). These Chat rooms had so much of anti Islam stuff that we wud wonder why are they called 'Islam chat rooms'. It was this post 9/11 Islam hatred that got me interested in religion beyond the 'lessons from the lives of our prophets' that i had been hearing from ever.
Khair, it was in these Chat rooms i noticed that Christian and Jewish abuses were usually left alone. THERE WERE some Muslims replying to them in the meanest and cheapest of ways possible BUT it always fell short. It had to. They could abuse Muhammad, we couldnt abuse Jesus, never in a thousand lives (if we ever got thousand lives, that is). They could abuse Allah-the Muslim God, we couldnt abuse 'the Christian God' coz there is no such thing. Same with the Jews.
These ppl had the immunity of being the 'People of the Book' - our Book.
The immunity which the Hindus didnt have.
And so the Chat rooms where Hindus abused Muslims got really heated up with Hindus abusing everything about Islam, and Muslims abusing everything about them including their 'multiple handed and animal headed gods'. Mind you, am not talkin about 'talks' and 'discussions' and 'debates'. Am talkin bout 'abuse'. No questions no answers. Simple hurling of abuse.

5. Forums, Chat rooms are excellent learning grounds. Same goes with the comments section under any post.

6. I dont say that all Muslims abused others. No. Obviously there were lots of peace promoting guys too . . . But, my topic here requires the 'hatred' aspect. So. . .the emphasis on the hate.

7. This is totally unrelated to the rest of the Post, writing it down just coz i was reminded of it. During our psychiatry posting we saw many patients claiming to have supernatural or rather, 'Heavenly' contacts. Amuda brought to my notice that most of the patients claimed to be possessed by , be friends with, have spoken to "Shivan" - the Destroyer. Hardly anyone we saw claimed contacts with "Krishnan"- the 'Protector' (and also one of my favouritest ppl in the world :) (even Amuda's)) Amuda told me how these patients were, in a way, claiming 'Power'.

Gotto sleep before mummy kills me. To be continue later . . In my own sweet time :)

Note to Islam haters and Almas haters- comments to this blog are closed, you may Post your hate comments under any Post in my blog 'My Islam'. All hate comments will be dutifully deleted. :)


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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