Thursday, 1 December 2011

Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.


How was your day pplz??? Hope it went well… I had a pretty good day, Alhamdulillah…. Did LOTS of things….. Planned much more…. And I believe that if I really try I’d be able to see all my plans through, inshaAllah. After all, god has given me everything. A loving family, a cosy home, food to eat and a whole body to make use of all the other gifts of god and live my life to the fullest.

But, would I still be so confident of myself if I didn’t have hands???

Would I still dream the dreams that I dream now???

Would I still make plans? Would I still try to LIVE and not just survive???

I do not know about myself… but I do know that in our country there are some very strong-willed people, some people who have turned into beacons and lead us to that ablaze path of passion and fervor that do not let any limitations hold them back from LIVING a life that they dream of.

I am talking about the Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.
These are artists, genuine artists, who have lost their hands to disabilities, illnesses and accidents. But, they have never let their ‘loss’ affect their lives..
They have honed their talents and made themselves do that which most of us, people with hands, would consider to be an impossible task.
They have learnt and mastered to do not just all their daily chores but also the skill of drawing and painting with their mouth and feet.

Here, I would like to bring your attention to an earnest attempt of these artists to lead a decent life of dignity.
These extremely talented and zealous artists have their most beautiful paintings printed on greeting cards, book marks and gift tags…. And have put these up for sale.

Plz contribute a little part of your heart to buy their stuff and help them ‘Earn’ their living and not depend on charity.

In a world where the richest of people aren’t ashamed of begging… be it for favours, be it for votes… here is a group of real men and women, standing tall and trying to ‘EARN’ their bread….

All they need is a little support from us…
So.. plz…. These cards cost only Rs. 395/-….. just think of all the money that we spend on Coke and at eateries…. For all I know, even a decent handbag (and not a branded one) comes for around 500/-…. We can definitely share a bit of our blessings…..

Remember, a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle…..:)

Here are two pics (I know the pics aren’t clear….. somethin wrong wid my mobile cam I guess…) of their stuff….

These are the greeting cards...

And these are bookmarks, gift tags and a print copy of a letter written by one of these artists, using his feet.

I personally like these cards a lot coz I’m a sucker for paintings…. I keep doing google image searches for beautiful paintings… just to look at the beautiful strokes of people who can create magic with brushes…. I love painting and drawing so much that though I really cant do much at it, I used to try my hand and make my own cards and gift wrapping papers…. That was a long time ago… but still I cant resist colours…. :p I recently bought lots of paints, oil pastels and even crayons to do ‘somethin’… but I really don’t know what…..

So, when I saw these paintings today… I felt my heart smiling with joy…
The flowers and leaves from these painting seem to speak to us….

I hope we can do something for ppl who sooooo want to do something for themselves….

You can visit their association’s site @

you can order their products online and make online payments.

A Cheque/DD can be drawn in favour of INDIAN MOUTH & FOOT PAINTING ARTISTS.

Or you cud send a Money Order to
IMFPA, A-401 Dipti Classic,
Suren Road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai- 400093

Love always…
Yours colourfully,


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