Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Missing you

I miss you.
I wouldnt say that I loved you. But, I liked you definitely.
I was your 'chulbuli imli'
You were my 'albela aam' :)
But, you were only giving me hints. I wont rely on hints. If you've got to say something, you've got to say it clearly.
I once had trusted a lot on the 'hints' someone was giving me. I built dream castles . . . And had them broken.
I have cried a lot in the past.
And I love myself a lot to let someone make me cry again. Ppl may call it cowardice. But, prevention is better than cure. I wouldnt let someone so close to my heart that it starts hurting by a mere tug.

And if I have to let you near, I need some basis for it. Some thing that makes takin the risk of hurting myself worth it.
I dont and wont rely on 'hints' anymore.

And I miss you. More than you will ever know. More than I had ever guessed I would.


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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