Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How the 24th year ended....


So… am 24 years old now, Alhamdulillah :) the last day of my 24th year wasn’t all that good…. I was just super irritated…. 

If u know me, u know that I sleep at …somewhat… odd timings… and I was in deep sleep when aapa rang up to call me to her home…. I told her to ‘let me sleep’ and since I never lie *batting eyelids* I really did go and sleep like a good girl.

But…. My brother-in-law… the DON… (for whom we can really throw the ‘in-law’ part in the dustbin and simply consider him my BIG BROTHER…( Hitler Bhaiya… just like the new TV serial ‘Hitler Didi’)) called up my mummy and told her that he’ll be picking me up in 1 hr.. :( :( :( …..

But since I am all of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24 years now *cunning*… I flatly refused….with permission though ;p
and told that I’ll tell abbu to drop me :)

I then deeeeellllaaaaaayyyyyeeeeeeddd takin bath and getting ready and finally reached aapa ghar at 12:50 pm :) (though when bhaiya later asked me when had I reached , I told 12:30 *cunning*--- but I must add that I usually never lie.. *Big smile*)

There I chatted for a while with my insane sister. She had ordered curry from out… and it was “PRAWN” ka some stupid curry.

General knowledge is that I DO NOT EAT PRAWN… or crabs or lobsters or oysters or crocodiles or the Loch Ness monster.

I don’t even eat little slimy things like FISH (unless it’s a Surmai or a Taarni or a Maya)

God!!! I don’t even like Pisceans…. Little slimy fishes… (but some Pisceans are like the Surmai, taarni and Maya- if fried properly, they turn edible).

I digress.

So, I ‘saw’ the Prawn curry and had my decent, homemade, daal-chaawal-sabzi followed by a delicious pudding [made by my insane sister- yes, shez good at a lot of things :( :( :( ]

Then we saw a loser movie called ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ which made me super desp…..

Btw, don’t you think Ali Zafar looks pretty chhichhora????

He’s a Paki too… I mean it’s ok if he’s a Paki….. but am sayin ki if we HAD to take a Paki….did we really have to take a chhichhora????

Agar chhichhora hi lena thha toh India ke hi kisi chhichhore ko lete yaar!!!! Agar import kar rahe hai toh thoda toh quality dekhna chaiye na????

Wats the English word for chhichhora???

Khair toh we saw that movie…. Then bhaiya came… at around 5 pm .. for lunch… on a Sunday…..
And my sister toh jaise ubalti nadi ki tarah dam ko tod ke behne lagi……:x

Bhaiya scolded me.

( u should never have a lawyer in ur house….. they blame u for everything…. I thank god that bhaiya hasn’t blamed me for the disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose(yet)…. In all other things…. I have some or the other role…:/ )

I returned… didn’t speak to mummy abbu.. they thot I fought wid bhaiya/ aapa….

I SCREEEEAAAAMMMEEEEDDDD at them that it was Bhaiya and Aapa who fought over
‘whether or not a person wid an insane wife and two darling kids shud work on Sundays and return home for lunch at FIVE pm…’

… then I took sleeping pills (oh yes!!! I am bad!) but could not sleep (worse) so I ate half of the house’s food supplies (the worst!!!) and gladly slept….(y did I have sleeping pills damn … all I needed was a SUPER-CARB-SHOT !!!! :P)

Toh khair that was the last day of the 24th year of my life….

Btw… one of my ‘birthday traditions’ include reminiscing all the sadness of the past year and getting desp over it and crying……..

And since Alhamdulillah, my year was so fantastic :)
I just had to find a reason to get desp over :p

I might not be as insane as my sister…. But.. wel… at the end of the day… we are sisters!!! :p


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Happy Birthday Sagittarians :)

To all the Super Sexy people born in the Sagittarius…..

A very Happy Birthday :) (as and when it comes)

Friday, 25 November 2011

On Internet Speed and Breast Lump....

Am a bit confused. A bit happy. A bit sad. But then, it’s all right. Coz’ it’s always alright. Am full of things to write in my blog (as always) and am just lazy to do it (as always).
I am goin thru bad times as far as internet is concerned….
The net speed in Andamans is just too slow. And it takes a really long time for the pages to load. Almost as long as some Hindi serials run…
If it wasn’t enough for me to be struggling to load every page on my lap… the most benevolent google disabled my account…. I cried, sulked but then thot ‘Wat the eff’ and decided to create another blog. The next day google (oh yeah!!! Most benevolent, after all) returned me my account… but as happens with me, I wasn’t to get my blog the easy way…..
After the little ‘adventure’ wid google… I was automatically logged off my account on the lap… and for some strange reason, the log in page of blogger adamantly refused to load (on my lap)… and so, I could STILL not use blogger….:( Allah knows best how many times I tried to log in …
Khair.. ek kisi shubh ghadi mein I did log in…. but coz of the fantastic speed here… am seriously missing out on some lovely blogs….
That is sad…. It is sadder wen u read the blogs but cant comment … I mean … on the whole.. it’s quite a mess…. But khair… am at peace….
Coz… I don’t really know…
Maybe coz am bak to the Islands… “MY ISLANDS” :) or maybe … I don’t knw…
But am happy Alhamdulillah!!! And that is all that matters :)

I also want to tell (to whoever cares to know) about that Breast lump that I had (knock.. knock.. remember????)
Well…. Toh that lump remained in place while I tried to catch my female surgeons to have a look at it….finally I did manage to see a ma’am… and she told me that it is probably a Fibroadenoma…. And it is better if I get it removed (by surgery of course), but if I was totally against surgery I could wait and do a self breast examination every month to see if it increases in size and accordingly opt for treatment measures….
That was precisely wat I didn’t want to hear….. :( so…. I decided not to take a chance and see my Sir….(oh yeah I didn’t want to see a male doc.. but well…..)
And sadly he too told that I needed surgery :(
I was soooo upset…. But then Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal!! Isn’t it? :)……
Newaz… we decided that we’d get it done in the Trauma theatre, either eaaarrrllllyyyy in the morning or laaaattteeee at night….. and while sir didn’t really tell me to get an FNAC done (I had already decided that I’d do an FNAC (and btw, FNAC is Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology)), he did ask me to let him know the FNAC results and see him again before we finally fix the surgery date….
Now, I was super pissed out coz I really didn’t want to take leave coz I really really really wanted to come home soon and not get any more extensions but it wud be next to impossible to avoid a leave after a procedure on my breast… I mean … just the manual examination and the FNAC caused me enuf pain..
Besides, I was posted in Triage…. That’s a hectic posting….
And I would be alone for this procedure… AGAIN…. I had undergone a Melanocyte Transplantation (not really successful… but Alhamdulillah!) for my vitiligo in February… and I was alone then too… and I would be alone now.. and I hated it… but whatever huh!!
Above everything else was the fact that the shape of my breast would be altered….
The lump in my breast was a big one and if the whole of it had to be removed, my breast would need to be devastated….
Aapa was also pretty worried and she wanted me to wait and get it done later at some better hospital….
Now this is one lovely way of getting me mad…..”better hospital”.
I LOVE Govt. T.D. Medical College, Alleppey.
After the FNAC….that night, besides the pain… I had this severe burning sensation in my breast…. I had no idea wat it was… but trust me, it wasn’t pleasant……I slept wid gr8 difficulty that nite…

The next evening, amidst the madness in the medicine casualty and the madness in my head over this issue, I got a call from Sir asking me if my FNAC was done…. I told him yes and he asked me to self examine the breast to see if the size of the lump has reduced.. coz sometimes these swellings are very tense cysts and wen the needle for the FNAC is inserted these cysts rupture and it feels as if there has never been a lump at all…..

I told him, I would…. And as I disconnected the call, I again got that sharp brning sensation inside…..
I really didn’t know wat was happening…
That night while examining myself… Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akbar! I saw that the lump had indeed reduced in size…. :) it was there alrite.. but considerably smaller than the HUGE Mass it had been….

I was happy.. I thanked Allah Paak… and told sir the next day :)
He told me that it must have been a cyst then…..a very very tense cyst… (and I assume the burning sensation to be the cyst rupturing…. Just a gues… didn’t confirm wid anyone)
And he told me to review after ten days :P

The FNAC results showed a ‘fibroadenoma’ but… wel…. Whatever….
I never went for the review coz I had to return home (and if you know me… you’d know exactly how badly I wanted to return home…) and if sir wud have told that a minor procedure was still needed, I’d have to change a lot of my plans…

So I thot…. Jaane do! :p

Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast….. does it have a malignant potential????

:( bloody yes!!! :(

But khair… abhi ke liye.. I has a happy :)

Alhamdulillah! :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Khamoshi #3

                                                 Sapne bhi jo tutenge ab
                                                 Toh khanak unki gunjegi;
                                                 Aandhi se ladna hoga tab
                                                 Jab siskiyaan yeh ruthengi.

                                                 Tez baarishon ki aahatein
                                                 Ab aankhon se gira karti hain;
                                                 Hoton se nikli aahein ab
                                                 Baadal garjaya karti hain.

                                                 Yeh zindagi Khamosh si, par,
                                                 Dukhti cheekhein har ore hain.
                                                 Chaaro taraf ka sannata..
                                                 Uff yeh kaisa shor hai!!

                                                 ~Almas Kiran Shamim

Pic Courtesy:- Michael Vincent Manalo @ FB
P.S.- This poem is a converse of my previous two 'Khamoshi' poems.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

To Bloom

     A desire to bloom seething within
     The Rosebud- a captive of its lover,
     The Shade; comforting, over-protecting,
     Letting the Rosebud on its own, never.
     Flowers, a many, swayed softly in the breeze
     Each one beloved to a million
     Frolicking butterflies and honey bees.
     Making love were sunflowers, dandelions.
     But, the bud, alone, fearing the sun-
     So taught by the Shade- its vision narrow,
     Should now break the fetters of protection.
     Because every shade is someone’s shadow.
     Shunning the comfort to which it was doomed.
     Out in the bright sunlight, a Rose now bloomed.

      ~Almas Kiran Shamim

Friday, 11 November 2011

I am a Graduate :))

Assalam alaykum
:) Long time (once again :P)
Sooooo…. A lott has happened over the past few weeks.
This post is entirely dedicated to one of them :)
I graduated :) :) :)

29th October, 2011 was the Graduation Day of my batch- 90th Batch (Batch 2005) of Govt. T.D.Medical College, Alleppey. Kerala
I really don’t think I’d be able to write much other than smileys… 
This was the same “Convocation” bout which I’d written a lengthy post saying that I WOULDN’T be attending it at all….
But, finally…. Couldn’t keep myself away from it. Though, I didn’t call my family for the ceremony, I attended and invited Ibrahim Uncle and his family for the ceremony. I stayed in their house at Alleppey for around 1 and a half months during HScy and even before that I used to visit them regularly. Actually during my first year (when I was soooo on love with MBBS)… my parents had decided to move to Kerala for my studies and we had rented a house “Manimandiram” which was just opposite “Sareena Manzil”- Rahiya aunty and Ibrahim uncle’s house.. that is how we got to know them and they had been  grt help to me during my entire stay.
So, our Grad Day began with the ususal ceremonies…. Followed by a very grand but also very confusing dinner (from which I wanted to run away coz I was missing my own family so bad..).. then a most irritating photo session…
And then we happily went to attend the culturals….. Balabhaskar (who is a violinist) played some very beautiful music…. And there were lots of fantastic performances by our batchmates as well as juniors…..
The entire thing ended by around 2.30 am… while the guys began their “DJ” dance… :P

I also know that the way I’ve written it…. It sounds like the yuckest thing in the world and 5 yrs from now when (if) I’ll read this post of mine, I’ll curse myself like hell .. but, khair….am more worried over whether or not I’d be able to post it coz Internet is just too too slow over here….
Did you ask “Here” where???….
Here baba….
Port Blair :)

Am back home.. :)
Kerala is over for me…. Or at least ‘on hold’ for sometime:)
coz there’s no place like Kerala ….
Except the Andaman & Nicobar Islands----which are even better :)
But, more on that later…
For now…. If you are on FB.. you can see the entire Album of my Grad pics here- My FB Album

Tc all….
Will soon catch up with you all :*
Love :)


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