Thursday, 5 January 2012

एक शमा जलाई थी...


एक शमा जलाई थी,
कि कुछ उजाला हो जाए,
रास्ता थोड़ा दिखे,
कि खौफ़ मेरा मिट जाए ।

तूने तो पूरे गुलिस्तॉ मे
आग यू लगाई थी,
कि जलते हुए गुल को देख,
तपती गर्मी भी शर्माई थी ।

और मैने तो इस जहॉ मॆ,
बस एक शमा जलाई थी ।
उम्मीद की उस एक किरन से,
क्या आफ़त मैने ढाई थी ॥

~अलमास किरन शमीम 


Steve E said... there a translator available for whatever language you are writing?

I mean a 'program', not a real live Muslim!
Steve E

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Ha ha ha :p ROFLOL @ 'not a real live muslim' :D

well. . I dont know if there is such a program . . . There must be. There are programs for everything.

The language is Urdu but i cant write in the Persian script. So i have written it in the Devanagiri script. And since I am using the Devanagiri script, i rather say the language is Hindi.

Muhammad Israr said...

wow...thats superb... beautiful lines... i always appreciated whatever you write..and the last 2 meaningful..

P.S. (I cannot read this can you tell what is written? :P)

Faisal M said...

steve, you can use google translator. Go to


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