Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nature Speaks...

As in its own stillness does Nature celebrate its reflections,
Only in the stillness of thoughts does thinking truly resonate.
Then need restrict not the beating heart- its galloping emotions,
The ocean’s calm is perturbed not by ripples that reverberate.

As clear the water is, so perfect the image.
As if the object’s itself, in water, immersed.
The ocean can even capture the foliage,
So is the cleansed soul which captures the Universe.

The smallest flames can kill the dark.
Warring worlds too have drops of peace.
Placid oceans- their crystal spark,
Contemplate and you’ll find relief!

In ocean depths,
On mountain peaks,
Listen with care-
’Cause Nature speaks.

~Almas Kiran Shamim

P.S.- image: Dec'11, Baratang Island


Steve E said...


I say with modesty, humility, and truth: "NATURE SPEAKS" is the best poem I've ever read--or understood--in regard to nature...and us!

SERIOUSLY! So much beauty, in the image (photo?) and your thoughts. It is not an easy matter to express so well the simplicity of learning: "JUST LISTEN, PEEPS".

(The other day I almost 'unfriended' you, thinking, since there was little reciprocation, we had nothing to trade back-and-forth.

THEN you write THIS! Thank you, friend.

Oh! Did I say I liked this post?--grin!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

am honoured Steve... thank you so much :)
it feels good to know that you understood wat i wrote....
i hardly, if ever, succeed in bringing things across to ppl...:(

this poem sprang from something that my sister told me.... on our trip to Baratang Island, we use speed boats to visit the various tourist spots...
my sister had pointed out how even the powerful engine of the speed boat can disturb the calm ocean for not more than 5 seconds....such was the calmness of the water
this pic was taken from a speed boat....

:_( almost breaks my heart that you were bout to unfrnd me :_(

:) but....thank you for likin the post :)
Peace too!

Shy said...

in ocean depths
and mountain peaks
listen with care
as nature speaks

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thank you AAPU :) meow :)

danish said...

asak almas. i m dr danish . srry, but couldnt find another way to contact u . don use fb n i guess u r inactive on orkut. by d way ur poem is absolutely fantastic. u have put ur thoughts into words in such a serene and beautiful way. hope i get to learn something from u by going through ur blog frequently . if u don mind can i somehow get d honor to chat wd u wenever u r free. i would really like to know more abt u . hope u dont mind ?
allah hafiz

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

walaykum Assalam danish . .
Sorry for the late reply . . .
Thanks for likin the poem :)
do mail me at

coz i have no other way to contact you.

Muhammad Israr said...

where have you been doctor? :( long time no see...

Sa'dia said...

Beautiful! So deep and full of meaning!

I see you are also taking a loOongg break from blogging ;)

SUBBIAH said...

what u will call surmai/taarni/maya in english

VaNdAnA ShArMa said...


Steve E said...

It is good to leave alone the poems you write, not take them offline.

Someone...someday...will read, enjoy, and be inspired, and sometimes thoughts which God sends us to speak or write, change lives!



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