Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The 'Trial and Error' of Life.

As children we loved those colourful puzzle books with loads and loads of stuff to rack our brains over.
One of the commonest puzzles was to help some funny character help find his way through a maze.

‘Mr. Hungry Bear is as hungry as ever; help him reach the jar of honey by choosing the right path out of the three!!!’

While Sudoku is a lot of logical reasoning, these kind of maze-solving-puzzles were usually guess work and the correct answer could only be found by a ‘trial and error’ method (or so I think, if there IS a ‘logical’ way of finding out the correct option, plz do enlighten me).

I remember that I hardly, if ever, tried to find the correct path by tracing from the starting point to the destination. I usually went straight to the destination and then deftly traced my pencil down through the maze to the character, thus finding the correct path which the character could take in order to reach the whatever-or-wherever-he-was-supposed-to-reach.
Life is a lot like that. We are those stupidly funny characters and have some goal set for us and also many paths that can lead us to that goal, APPARENTLY. Still, there is only one correct path that has been designed for us. Only one path that was designed to make us reach our goal.
BUT, unlike the puzzle we solve in books, this maze in our real life cannot be solved by tracing backwards from our reward.
In life, we have to and just HAVE TO start from where we are right now and move ahead. Takin one option and then the next until we find that one which was our road to the life that we were meant to live.
The typical trial and error way.
We start on one path and move ahead with great zest and zeal only to find that it was a cul-de-sac.
And since ‘they’ say that there is always a choice, here too, we have a choice between quitting the game or starting again, this time on path B.
Lucky are the people who strike gold the very first time they strike. For others….. they have to try and try again until the correct option is found that would take us where we were meant to be.
Yes, I have not once said, that the correct path takes us where we want to be…. But, rather where we were meant to be.

Coz’, I am not of those who believe that people carve out their own future.
I am a strong believer of Destiny.
I believe that if I am standing in a room with a hundred doors opening into a hundred roads, and if I have been given the key to a single door- no matter how much I dislike the look of the door, the road that it opens into or the place that the road leads to-THAT is definitely the door that I am meant to take. Of course, I might try to push the other doors open, scream and fight, but, at the end I will and WILL end up where I …. Well….was meant to end up.

but, still, in spite of this belief, there are times when sadness creeps in like a worm eating into a fruit, destroying it. Certain times the roadblocks that we come across break us so badly that we are left with not a ray of hope.
At such times, I guess, we need to remind ourselves of the God in whose hands rests everything.
God is called an artist, a sculptor, a potter and what not…. Being the master craftsman that He is, He has crafted our life to what it was meant to be.
Each of us has a custom made life. What is best for one might not be the best for another.
Moreover, we are like those little droplets of water that go into the making of the vast ocean. Each one being what it is.
Each droplet is not an ocean.
But there is no ocean without each of these droplets put together.

Here I am reminded of a very old bookmark I’d bought; it has a beautiful quote.
“Know that all is well always. Everything is unfolding as it should.”

Words in the pic are from Max Ehrmann's "Desiderata"


Steve E said...

God can draw a perfect straight line ...with a very imperfect, crooked pen!


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

True :)


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