Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Coloured Sky

The Colured Sky


For if you’d told me colour the sky 
 I would, you know, I would. 
But, first I would pause and ask, 
“Tell me, which colour I should?”

I’d steal the silver from the stars, 
From sunset, the golden hue; 
Thick forests would give me their green, 
And blood- the colour of a love true.

But, you asked me something else, so, 
From the night its darkness I took. 
And in the depth of your desired black 
You left without a second look.

And there’s something you should never forget, 
And something nor I should- 
That, if you’d told me colour the sky, 
I would, you know, I would……  

~Almas Kiran Shamim



Steve E said...

Almas, I had forgotten you were a blogger.
Forgotten you are a poet.
Forgotten so many things--since we joke a lot, and kid around on FB. SO glad you commented on my blog today!

OK, NOW to comment on Coloured Sky:


Glad nobody ask ME to paint the sky.
For they'd hear me say that I
Would not, could not.....

Because Almas painted sky's face
With such colorfully brilliant words
That might've made the Master Painter
Let Almas paint it in the first place.

You borrowed colors from nature, which is where colors are manufactured, created!

Almas Shamim, you MUST write poetry more , or if yu have alread written a lot, share with a beauty-starved world.

Peace, my friend!

Mary said...

Oh, this is wonderful. It is a perfect poem to read aloud. And, ah, the sky is so many beautiful colors, isn't it? I love the lines "I would, you know, I would."

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...the strength of love shines in this...it is lovely...if you told me i would color the sky....ah, you have a bit in this...smiles...a bit bitter sweat in their leaving...but it makes a nice contrast to your devotion...

VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

A beautiful romantic expression.

TALON said...

So lyrical, so soft, so tender. Just beautiful.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This reads so beautifully - rhythmic, tender and loving. Love the repeated lines. A wonderful write!

Almas Kiran Shamim said...

I am flattered *batting eyelashes* :*

thanks dear :) yes, i really had stopped blogging.. i hope to be more frequent now..
thanks :)

Thanks a lot :)

@Brian Miller
I see that you have really read the poem.. Thank you so much :)

thanks vandana:)

thanks a lot :)

Thanks :)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A sad story beautifully told.
Anna :o]


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