Saturday, 6 July 2013

I wish I could...

Sometimes I feel so helpless, it's next to death.  I wonder if others feel that way ever.... Not being able to do something for someone.
I wish to do so much. I wish I could create the whole world for someone... starting from scratch. But, obviously I can't. All I can do is be there.
Today, yet again someone broke someone else's heart.
Today, yet again....someone's hopes were crushed.
I wish I could create a world for you....starting from the scratch.

And this, after knowing that no one would create a world for me.
Some of us are simply destined to be like that.....

I am being doesn't seem to be coherent. I wish I could do something....

Helping you would be hurting them who would help me when I need them, unlike you.
But, my heart is made of flesh and blood.
And I wish I could create a world for you....starting form the scratch.


Ghadeer said...

Just wanting to help is everything.

Steve E said...

Oh WOW! I just f e e l how stressed it is to watch another suffer from broken heart and dreams. And your empathy almost wishing as God, that you could remake their life, build it from a fresh start, with no bad memories.

I have been both the heart breaker and the one of a broken heart, In both instances, were guilt fear, shame, ego, jealousy, really all the bad things.

But it is God's job ti fix things according to His will.

Alsp remember, as dark of night, and light of day balance one another, same with us, sadness and happiness reign at different moments. If I never was sad, how would I ever know glad?

Cannot solve all problems for everyone. Part of spiritual growth is to work through adversity, and with God's help, come out on other side. THAT'S a winner!

Almas Kiran Shamim said...

THanks for your kind words :) @ghadeer and steve

tru dat Stevie!
Yes, it's God's job..but I can't help feeling like doing something..anything that I could to make things alrite...and being a small part in that person's journey to become a winner!!


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