Friday, 13 December 2013

26 Reflections..from the same mirror ....

1. Main aap hi apni premika, main aap hi apni saheli
 Aur nahi koi apne jaisi bas main ek akeli.

2. I have so few people in my life that the absence of just one more wouldn’t make much of a difference.

3. You have so many people in your life that when I move away, you won’t even notice.

4. I no longer believe.

5. I have a drivers’, but I don’t drive.

 6. I no longer kill lizards.

7. I ain’t sure if I still want to own a CRV. I am fast falling in love with Renault’s Duster.

8. I am a stone. And in ways more than just the meaning of my name.

9. I want to have children only so I can name them.

10. I feel detached.

11. I do not miss people. Even people I thought I’d never be able to live without.

12. I REALLY don’t like watching movies.

13. I wish to travel the world with someone.

14. I would be able to do it if I don’t first kill that someone in one of my fits of rage :/

15. English is my favourite subject.

16. Social studies is a close second.

17. I do not ‘jee huzur’ anyone. I DOOOO NOTTT ‘JEE HUZUR’ ANNNYYYONNNEEE! (just in case you hadn’t heard it the first time)

18. I want rain.

19. I want a catty too. All for me and only for me.

20. I am very volatile.

21. I don’t think I love you, miss you, care for you, think about you, send you flowers, mails, chocolates.

22. I don’t believe in friendship and friends.

23. I do not know what love is.

24. Giving my heart yet another chance to turn to stone. Coz if it doesn’t, it’s gonna crash …. Yet again….

25. I still do believe, I do miss people, I am attached, I am far from being a stone, I would never kill that someone…But, I’d never let you know all this!

26. This word document was created on March 8, 2013 as a “25 Reflections”. I have no idea why I didn’t post it then….Anyway, I am 26 years old now with no less than 26


Steve E said...

So fortunate to know yu am I...and to know you are NONE of those things. The very profession you've chosen shows this.

"Service with compassion" is what doctors DO...and live.

Amazing list of 25+1 which provides much thought for many...I enjoyed this!

PEACE and LIGHT, Dear Almas

Misterio Vida said...

agree with
1, 3, 8, 10, 23, 24 and 25

i dont think leaving of one person does not make a difference...i feel one person maybe more important than the whole world..or at least for sometime before we could move on...
and i also do not agree one can stop missing people who are important that one cannot think living without them... :(

27: I am Jalpari and I will post on my blog regularly no matter what :P


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