Wednesday, 28 May 2014

21 Reflections

1. Once upon a time, India beat Pakistan in a World Cup cricket match. One Bengali lady responding to a reporter on the streets of Calcutta, over the noise of crackers and with a mithai ka dibba in her hand, gleefully screems "Doodh maango toh kheer denge....Kashmir maango toh cheer denge." .... .... just reminded of it....

2. I am also reminded of you and you.

3. Then we have these classes on equity..capitalism....rights...justice and what not..... No wonder you don't like these teachers.... You don't believe in what they teach!

4. Anyway, I am sure my teachers have their own special I reach up to page 10 and still reach nowhere. They know the world and they never even get to click page 2.!!!!!

5. One of the most heart breaking moments of my life was when my ex had told me “Main galat thha Almas. Jee lo apni zindagi.”…. I keep reading things like ‘Something died inside me’…. Well, that evening, something died inside me.

6. And now, I feel that feeling again- of something dying inside me.

7. I don’t think it’s dead yet. It is dying. If it doesn’t die, I will kill it. No worries.

8. My ears do not ‘salivate’ anymore. Well…. Very rarely they do.. but not like earlier.

9. I recently read a HONY post which is stuck in my head. It is about a boy who waited for guests on his 10th birthday and realized, as he saw the setting sun, that no one would come. ‘It set the theme for the rest of my life’, he said..or something like that.

10. I remember my sister’s engagement. We waited for guests that never came.

11. I can very well see that the theme for my life had been set…I am just not able to figure out what exactly set that theme.

12. THIS will definitely set the theme for the rest of my life.

13. I like atheism.

14. It hurts me to find people using atheism as a veil to their hatred for certain groups. You are not atheists. You are haters. You are just warding off a ‘hater’ label being applied to your own group.

15. In our HP2 class, we were discussing the youth policy. It was formed by a group that didn’t have a single ‘youth’. The class laughed at the stupidity.

16. I am sure the class doesn’t bother what the Kashmiris think of Kashmir.

17. I was once called a borderline terrorist.

18. Sumit Kumar and Gagan Meshram- two internet friends who turned haters when they found me defending Muslim rights.

19. I don’t mind deleting people. From my contacts or from my life. I do that too easily and too often.

20. I don’t miss people. Why do I feel I’ve told it earlier as well?

21. I have voted thrice. Probably not very consequential to the nation. Two out of those three times, I have voted against Congress.

22. I am very superstitious; I think naming my cats kill them. My current cat does not have a name. We simply call him my son. ‘Mera beta’.

 23. We recently got a kitty. I named her Barbie. She died.

24. I want to wander around. All I want is the money to do it.

25. We the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Democratic Republic.

26. #Sickular was thought to be Constitutional, once upon a time. But then again, who follows the Constitution, right? Not me anyway!



Shy said...

Well written.....but still little depressing...

Shy said...

Gud read but why soooo depressing


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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