Monday, 13 October 2014


And then sometimes we wonder if anything that we do is worth it. When people around us continue to be sad, try as we may to alleviate their pains. There are so many things I do not understand about God and suffering is the most important one of those things. You tried so hard, so very hard. Is it really wrong to dream and wish? All I want is people I love to be happy. It kills me to see someone I love sad. How I wish I could erase things from your life that you never wanted to be there. I wish there was no pain, no hurt and no tears. And I want you to be happy. However cheesy it sounds, I do actually feel happy if you are happy. I tried in every possible way I could. What else can I do to make your pain go away? I do not know. Oh! I am sad. Coz' nothing is sadder than seeing your loved ones sad.

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Steve E said...

Especially simple it is to alleviate the pain or suffering of another--If I have caused it.

Be humble, be kind, be cheerful, be honest--all come to mind for helping
a friend out from their misery, their wretchedness.

If this post is regarding a specific case, I can always pray--it helps to have a first name, but not necessary.
PEACE and LIGHT..........


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