Monday, 8 December 2014

Your ways...


I just have to say
I love the way
You never
Let me down.

The way you
Speak for me and
Stand by me and
Hold me proud.

The way you
Weep for me and
Pray for me in
Failed times.

And all your
Smiles and cheers
And happy tears
I live by.

And words of
Wisdom that you
Talk amidst your
Silly jokes.

And some so
Meaningless yet
Etched into my
Deepest souls.

And then this
Pain I give which
Hurts you still you
Shrug it off.

And then that
Promise broken
Kills but you keep
Goin’ on.

And like the
Fragrance and the
Spring Flowers that
Whither away,

You will be
Ached for in the
Coldness of the
Winter days.

And then, like always
And forever
I will
Surely say…

My love, I still do
Love your ways.

~Almas Kiran Shamim



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