Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Past Presents

And those moments when your mind wants to jump back to a time left far behind. When your heart wants to feel a feeling not felt in ages. Those moments in the past with the most beautiful of smiles, the most velvety of voices and the most comforting of places.
Sometimes we leave people behind on purpose. People we love. People we cherish. People who are irreplaceable. We leave them behind in an act of faith. Faith in our futures. Knowing well enough that we are pushing them into our pasts. And the past is a thing gone. And that they will never happen to us again. They, who were the ‘one and only’. We will move ahead with many ‘less than the best’ things, places and people. Coz the best was probably never meant to be. The best was meant to leave us. Leaving a pang in our hearts. A prick that will always remind us that there is something better out there. As an inspiration to our words and as a motivation to our works. Never leaving us alone. Never moving into our pasts.  Always reminding us that the ‘best’ will never ever be. They will remain. Out there somewhere. And as this constant ache they will live on. Forever our ‘presents’.

Saturday, 14 March 2015


And then she discovered she was blue 
In a world which thought 
Pink was the only colour true. 
So they bought her pink dresses 
Bags and shoes. 
But, she didn’t like any of it. 
What could she do? 
She tried to talk to some 
To reason 
That there existed a colour blue. 
Aaahh! They waved her off. 
‘Wasn’t pink what she saw all life through?’,
They asked her. 
And then she knew, 
A little more prodding 
And an argument will ensue. 
She wanted to discuss it 
With a few others too- 
Some pink loved ones, 
But didn’t know how to! 
Lonely, she then cried 
What else could she do? 
Maybe she could pen down 
A line or two! 

~ Almas Kiran Shamim


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