Thursday, 28 May 2015

27 Reflections.... from the same mirror

1.      The more monotheistic a religion is, the lesser it believes in One God.

2.      Delhi is a City of Streets…. Highways…flyovers….even metro lines…everywhere… for the minutest thing that you have to do, there is no escaping the big, wide, long, dusty, hot, sweaty, crowded, lonely, if beautiful…streets.

3.      Delhi is JUST a city of streets. That’s all.

4.      The new song of ‘Humari Adhuri Kahaani’- “zaruri thha”….. beautiful!!!

5.       Dilli- Tang dil Dilli!!

6.      And now I understand the concept of “seasonal clothes”….

7.      I wish I was a real ‘something’….anything… Tamilian or Bengali or …of course.. Malayali <3>

8.      Delhi is one massive chauraha. Bas usse zyada kuchh nahi.

9.      Rich people and their bakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbakbak….

10.  I think I am falling in love with Deepika!

11.  I am already in love with Fiza!

12.  Everyone is sad.

13.  That thin line between regret and guilt.

14.  Do not bow down before anyone but God. Wait….remember Satan??

15.  Let me try. Let me fail.  Let me discover.

16.  Don’t teach me about me. 

17.  I am a good listener. Doesn’t mean you speak well.

18.  I am a good listener. Doesn’t mean you can blabber on.

19.  I am a good listener. Doesn’t mean I can’t shut you up.

20.  When you watch Malayalam movies, you realize how silly we look when praising Hindi movies.

21.  This world is a beautiful place. And people are good. 

22.  The only ones who are not are those who tell you otherwise.

23.  Avoid them.

24.  Don’t let people diminish your happiness.

25.  Avoid them too.

26.  But never fake happiness.

27.  It’s okay to be.


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