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The Raavan in us.

I have been watching a lot of “Awakening With Brahma Kumaris” on Sanskar TV.
I like much of what is told save, of course, the fact that beyond a point I start detesting these Guru and Guru-like people who ‘apparently’ have all the answers- the most common being that all Truth is hidden inside us. This ‘answer’ somehow denounces the very act of ‘seeking answers from people OUTSIDE ourselves’….or so I think.

Here is one thing that struck me as good.
If you know me, you’d know that I’m a pretty big fan of Hindu mythology. I go by the Qur’anic verses proclaiming the existence of many Prophets and I believe that probably a lot of those who are ‘worshipped’ by the Hindus might have been the Prophets of the past.
Hence, I have found it very absurd of Abrahamics to ridicule the ‘multiple handed’, ‘multiple headed’ etc. etc. Gods of the Hindus.
I have always believed that God, in His infinite Power and Mercy, can do anything. He CAN, if He wishes to, create people with multiple hands and heads……
Again, this is my own personal thinking.

However, in one of the episodes of Awakening, I heard one of the least promoted yet most beautiful interpretations of this multiple handedness.
Not that I conform with everything that is told, but Sister Shivani explained the process of Godization- something that most people reading into Hinduism must be knowing- the entire process of finding humans “Divya”, creating their pictures and statues after they had gone from the world, keeping their images in clean places coz these souls had been “Divya” souls, ultimately leading to the creation of temples and the worship of these Human-turned-God people.
She went on to say that the imagery of these “Gods” arose from the qualities that the souls possessed. For e.g., these Divine Souls were ‘light’ (as in heavy x light)…now how could a sculptor show this ‘lightness’ of the soul? He showed it by making the Devi sit on a lotus…..
Obviously, a human can’t sit on a lotus, but the image only symbolizes this particular soul being ‘light’.
Now, this part was good with me.
I would be most glad to believe that the Devis were light souls and their lightness is being depicted by the Lotus seat of the Devi, though, I don’t mind if God, at some point of time in the history of mankind, used to create humans that could sit on Lotuses…..
Anyway, this whole episode came back to my mind this evening when I was thinking about my workplace.
Flashback-ing into my life, I see that I have had a …well… kind of a sheltered life. Sheltered from the ‘chaalaaki’ and ‘chaturai’ that people show. Thanks to the little *thing*, my world got limited to my parents and sister. I have not known too much of ‘diplomacy’ in people….
Hence, in my eighth standard, when a friend left our group of 4 girls through some ‘crooked’ means, I was totally aghast. Also, during my college, a certain ‘friend’ left me stunned and shattered by her shrewdness.
And now, when I have started working, I am again facing a world that I find amusing alright, but more irritating and much more numbing.
It’s almost like, everyone of us has Split personalities. We all suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.  We are so many people in one. And I don’t mean it in a good way, please. I ain’t talking about being a wife, a mother, a sister and blah blah.
I am talking about being multiple faced.
Everybody is everybody’s friend yet no body is no body’s friend.
We are left wondering not whom to trust but wondering if something like trust even exists…
Then again, the question arises whether we should ignore the wrong. Do we break someone’s trust when we punish him for doing something wrong?
Take the example of a mother who is also her son’s class teacher. At home she might not scold her son for the same thing for which she’d have to spank him in the classroom, only to be just with the other students who had got the same punishment for the same offence.
 Isn’t the mother being two faced? One face of the Just teacher and the second face of the Benevolent mother?

Is being two-faced in this manner wrong?
I wonder…

On the other hand if we go back to our prime issue of being split personalities, we’d see that much of these personalities that we harbor inside us are not born out of duty or obligation.
They are born just for the satisfaction of our senses…. Our ‘indriya’.

This is the thought that took me back to that episode of Awakening- the thought of being multiple faced, being “Multiple headed”.
The symbolic imagery of the humans of the past shows this aspect too. Remember the multiple headed Raavan?
The same Raavan who has been much demonized owing to his crappy act of abducting Sita. The multiple headed Raavan was probably ACTUALLY multiple headed (which I do not oppose), or was probably a guy with a single head and who has only gained popularity of being multiple headed owing to this imagery depicting his multiple-facedness- his ‘Doglapanti’…..his ‘Bin painde ka lota’-ness.
Thus, we see how from the very beginning, this ‘Split Personality’ attitude of man has been known to be an attribute of the Asuras, the Rakshasas, the bad guys…..
There is no doubt that how much ever we defend ‘diplomacy’ in today’s times, a time comes when our diplomacy gets us into the ranks of the multiple headed demons- the Asuras and Rakshasas.
This diplomacy is not to be confused with the obligation bound multitasking that a mother cum teacher shows.
Even God, in His infinite Power, is both the Rehman and the Jalaal… and much more.
Much like the Devtas shown to have multiple heads…. Brahma, for instance.
The Devtas had multiple roles, they could be Forgiving, they could be Punishing and so on. And hence, some devi-devtas too are shown to have possessed multiple heads.

Now, in our lives, when we create multiple heads for ourselves- are we trying to simulate the multi-tasking God with his multiple attributes and duties being depicted as multiple heads; or are we trying to simulate the multi-headed Demon, with each of his head a different lie, each of his head a different trap, each of his head a new way of enslaving you to your own ‘indriya’s?
This is a question that can only be answered by our Self.

(Post was originally written on 28th Feb 2012- I have no idea why I didn't post it. At least I don't remember posting it!)

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Shy said...

I too believe that all the devis and devatas were among our many prophets. U have very rightly said , in fact I too believe I am multifaceted. May be to satisfy some of my senses at one point and to satisfy some others during other times.


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