Monday, 27 July 2015

Public Display of Affection. PDA.

I wonder if there can ever be something called Public Display of Affection. There's affection and that's it. When there is affection, would there be a second thot of whether you are making a 'display' out of it or not. Whether there's public around you or not. I don't know. And then I saw him standing at the door, his face covered with the beauty of a glorious smile. And everything else ceased to be. I half ran, half flew to him and threw myself in hia s arms. The warmth of his touch melted me and I disn't remain the person I was. And as his lips touched mine, I travelled to that place, that only place in the world, where I feel safe. When I opened my eyes and looked at his magnificent face I knew.... the kiss had broken, but the spell had just begun.

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