Sunday, 29 November 2015


There’s an emptiness inside of me which cannot be filled by anyone but you.
Each time you go, it is as if I had been with you all along….
Each time you go, it is as if you are going for the first time
For a long time
I wonder when will we meet again.
When will I again feel the comfort of your companionship and the warmth of your touch..
Ages- it seems.
A man who has gotten used to living in a desert may not loath the absence of a river.
But move him to the banks and the river turns into a habit.
The desert is then loathsome to him, even if home.
You are my river.
And now you are gone.
And there’s an emptiness inside my heart, inside my gut, inside my soul.
I feel lost and alone.
I wish we could be together through it all.
The highs and the lows
In each other’s comfort shall all discomfort be faced.
Till there is life, we shall live.


~Almas Kiran Shamim

Monday, 23 November 2015

Just another post to console myself.

Sometimes we try really hard- maybe not the hardest, but still- and nothing comes out of it. We knock on doors and they don't open. It's sad. Really. But, I guess it only means that these doors were never meant to open.

Not that it doesn't make us sad. But, at these times we must look at all that we have and however sadist it sounds, we must think of all the people who have so much lesser than us. This may help us be more thankful for what we have than be dejected over not getting what we wanted.

While many of my beliefs might have changed over time, the one thing that I just can't stop believing in is that God or life or whatever oyu want to call the power that sustains the world- knows where we are meant to be. And takes us there. We may want different things for ourselves, but it really doesn't work that way. We are all like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle- and we can fit in a certain place alone. Our place would change as the puzzle changes form but otherwise, we are meant to be somewhere and that is where we shall be. We may dislike the part we have got but there's really not much we can do.

I know that it is no solace- the Syrian refugees - how lucky are they in going through what they are going through? Shayad hi kuchh.

But, khud ke liye agar soche bas- toh I am Alhamdulillah lucky and I have so much to be thankful for. Aur abhi ke liye- itna soch kar khsh rehna chahiye.

Jaise chalte hai zindagi chalne do. Jo aana hoga woh aa hi jayega.

Khair. Bye


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